Thursday, February 7, 2013

Time Passing

We are enjoying our winter here in Yuma AZ. even though the weather has been cooler than usual, we aren't plagued with bone chilling cold and snow. The sun shines most days and the temps are going up in the high 70s most days. Coffee usually happens across the street as our patio is shady in the mornings.

This resort has so much to do that you can keep busy every day with some program or event. We also plan and have our own events within  our group of friends. We had a Super Bowl Party on the patio with the outside tv.

The resort has had several fun events and shows. We attended the Mobster Dinner and the most fun was going shopping for outfits!

This week has been Western Week and we had horses and riders in the park yesterday. I thought I was imagining it when I heard winnies in the parking lot!
It's more natural to see all the antique horsepower when we have the annual car show and burger bash around the pool.

Today we are getting ready for a Brat Party on Antiqua Street. DH has been pitching in with a group of men.... they are called the Poco Loco Sanitary Engineers as they have a flat bed and pick up trash twice a week. I am going to Aqua Zumba in the pool three times a week. Some days I think it's the Polar Plunge! One of the best things here is the fresh vegetables. I go to farmers market and the produce is picked fresh that morning! It's great.