Sunday, November 15, 2009

O.K. I know someone's trying to get even with me! I've waited patiently. Tonight is the Final Races of the season. There's a one point difference in the Top Fuel Class and I was really looking forward to seeing the outcome tonight after staying up really late last night watching the Qualifying Round. It's Snowing so hard that it knocked the satellite feed out and I'm missing all of it! Now I like "Funniest Home Videos" but not the time when my Year End Final Races is on! Dang. Getting even for not going on the cruise! Getting even for not being there at Pamona this weekend. O.K. got me. I was trying to make up for it by searching the books and maps today for a spot to set down in California for a month this time. I think I have one. It's a little farther, but a straighter shot to Ocean Blvd! Also right across from the ocean for the Betsy Bus. All will be good. Near a Camping World, Wal Mart and my favorite grocery store, Pavillions. A new area to explore to the south, not too far from Capistrano. Will be good. Haven't even decided how long we will stay in Arizona now that I have that figured. It just depends on how hard the wind blows and if DH puts his back out playing golf. We shall see. Can ya tell...the snow started flying and I make travel plans. DH and the Tractor made it back here safely about 1 a.m. this morning. The kid went on to Colorado in the brunt of all the Winter Storm Warnings today. I can't believe I don't have totally grey hair! They make me crazy.

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