Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Quick note on a Sad, Sad Day

Thirteen Dead In Mass Shooting At Fort Hood
Just a note. Need to share some feelings. All of the feelings that I had the morning of 9-11 watching the horror unfold on TV in New York City. The feelings of helpless disbelief that washed over me the day that the Murah Federal Building exploded in Oklahoma City. Once again, this nation and it's people have been attacked from within. This time at Food Hood Texas at a Rediness station. Well my son was attached to that post. He was 4th Infantry Division. We didn't experience that post but the one in Colorado, however, lots of his buddies are at Ft. Hood. The feelings of a helpless but proud parent of a soldier, both being deployed and the relief of one returning home. All those sad feelings for me have returned tonight. The parents and families of those soldiers and civilians involved in this incident need all of our thoughts and prayers tonight. All of those brave people....... I just shake my head and wonder.....will it ever stop? I have my thoughts about this, and I will save them and reserve my opinion until after the investigation. I thank god that my son and the rest of my family are safe tonight. Rest in Peace brave souls.

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