Friday, August 26, 2011

Shock! I'm Back!!!!

When you spend a good deal amount of time in one place, especially your old home base, it becomes difficult to keep writing a routine blog and make it interesting. We were originally going to be in this area for about 2 weeks while we visited family, met a new Grandbaby Boy, Tig Elliot Dossett and we added a new Son In Law, Dan Follmer in Kearney Nebraska, where our Eldest Daughter became his wife.

The weather dictated that we get here a little sooner than expected, and after getting all the events out of the way, we ended up a lot longer than we planned. That's the great thing about our lifestyle, all plans are written in Jello and can be stirred, changed, set or erased with the flick of the wrist!

Our new Son In Law is a member of the Kearney Nebraska Fire Department and the wedding took place outdoors at their Training Center. It is nice to welcome another Fireman into the family!

It was a beautiful day and the wedding and reception were great fun! Our Oldest Granddaughter is a member of the Kearney Fire Deptartments Junior Cadet Program the tradition will continue.

Lots of hugs for 10 Grandchildren, and aweful hard to get them to be still in one place for pictures! Photographers definitely need our respect when they tackle a group like ours!

D.H has a new toy, he's been shopping at Cabelas since we have points saved up from our Cabelas Card, it's like Christmas when we get here. With the upcoming hunting season in mind,he spotted a pair of Sunglasses with a video camera built in.

They are used for recording hunting events, and having free hands. They would also work for other events too, such as a wedding. I thought it would be inferior quality, and I was mistaken! The video and audio quality is excellent and he wore them and taped the before, the ceremony and afterwards at the reception! We had DVDs made of the recording and that is a keepsake they will have forever. The only bad thing is DH is not in any of those pictures, his voice was very strong and he was the one that walked her down the aisle. We get his prospective, sometimes shoes and dizzy views as he visits with people and shakes his head, but it is a learning process. I'm now a fan of those glasses. Great recording of things and free hands. He has taped KayCee Marie retreiving, it is awesome to watch. As long as the files aren't too big, I can make CDs of the footage. Now onto the subject of Hitch Itch. We had thought that DH was going to Colorado to help our oldest son Harvest some Hay for a couple of weeks, a real camping trip...the job fell through at the last minute and I had already paid rent here for another month, not wanting to pay high tourist prices in Colorado. So we stayed, and have really enjoyed our time, but it's time to go.

Hitch itch is attacking me now. Everything I had wanted to do or see this summer has either been blown away or flooded with storms, or the heat in the middle of the country literally chased us out!

We helped out a friend in Texas, got our coach painted and made a stop at the gates of Fort Benning GA. where my son took basic training.Played on beaches from Texas to Florida and back to Georgia.
One stop was outside of Nashville, Tennessee, where we visited the 2nd Cracker Barrel restaurant opened (the first one burnt down) and we traveled by car down by Memphis to visit the National Hunting Dog Museum. We've met and made many new friends and I wouldn't change this time for anything.

Our next stop will be Colorado Springs right after Labor Day. I'm looking forward to the Mountains and Pikes Peak. We will stay for a short visit and then move on South down I25 to Sante Fe New Mexico. I am excited to be visiting that area of the country on the way back to Arizona. We also will be stopping at other towns in New Mexico and then to Williams AZ for a couple days and take another look at the Grand Canyon. I'm needing a scenery fix. Lots of fun in store, and really looking forward to some cooler weather!