Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Great Fall Visit to Nebraska - We're Off Again!

We had a very busy and fun packed fall visit to Nebraska. The addition of one of the Brown Boys back home made the visit fun and so much celebrating that we barely had time to breathe! Our oldest son Kyle moved back to Nebraska from Colorado Springs this past year and relocated his Farm Management Business.

 Now they reside outside of a large town and close to family all around. They volunteered to host both Thanksgiving and our Family Christmas.... one week apart so that we wouldn't miss it!
We even had Family Pictures taken on the day that we celebrated Christmas and believe it or not.... the 1st of December we were out without coats.

Fall Colors were in full swing when we finally arrived. Not much chill in the air yet. Great weather for watching wildlife and watching Football. Deer and turkeys share the golf course with the golfers which I watch from my back door. Our youngest son coached his son's football team this year and it was a wonderful Sunday afternoon game.

Nebraska is the driest state in the nation currently. The crops were stressed severely and many chose to chop their corn up for cattle feed. The stocks got baled. At least they could use everything. The Pheasant population is very bad this year...due to several reasons, and DH chose not to hardly hunt in Nebraska at all. We need moisture and maybe that will come back, but right now it's best to leave it and let Mother Nature heal the hurt.

A couple of short hunts with the Boys and KayCee was all that they did. DH did manage a couple of week-end hunts in Colorado with friends, but they didn't have much better luck. Clearly a down year for Pheasants, and not a great year for Nebraska football either.

Tonight there's a blizzard raging in Nebraska and we are sitting in Sioux Falls South Dakota, waiting for a clearing to head south! There's a couple of inches of snow on the ground and it's very cold. Tomorrow we will attempt to make our way through Nebraska and head down the road towards our winter home in Yuma Arizona.

We have enjoyed our visit with family and friends. We want to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year! The Adventures are about to begin once more.