Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Comes to a Close

Along with another fall and winter visit to Nebraska. First off I wish all of you a very Happy New Year. Hope you all have a prosperous and Healthy 2010. We will be leaving this berg on Tuesday to resume our travel and adventures.
I'm ready to say goodbye to the 4 foot snow drift in my front yard and seeing my breath every time I walk outside. I'm ready to put the 5:30 a.m. wake up calls to have breakfast for the hunters to rest. At least I can sleep til 7!
We had our son and his family here on their way back to CO. They went home today. I spent the rest of the day cleaning, organizing and packing things up. I doubt that I make it past 10 o'clock, the New Year will have to ring itself in without me!
Don't do anything stupid, if ya drink, don't drive! We want ya around for this brand new year. We can always hope for some of that change to be for the better, but I'm not going to hold my breath. Have a safe Holiday weekend anyway! See ya down the road!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Digging In

We literally had to Dig our way back in to our house when we made our way home on Sunday after the Christmas Snow in!
We stopped off at both of the Girls house to visit a little bit and drop off their gifts. I was sorry that they couldn't make it but very glad that they didn't get out on the roads. The drift in front of our house is clear up over the steps!
DH hit it with the shovel and then took the snow blower to it to make a bigger path down the sidewalk. He quit because it was really hard and crusty after the wind and way too tall to get through. I fear he was having way to much fun with this! It will just have to melt itself away! I'm not hangin around to watch that process either! I have hunters again this week and two meals a day, because our Steak House is closed for evening meals Mon. and Tues. So I'm on overload....what's new.It truly looks like a winter wonderland this morning out there. We may have another spot of bad weather coming in tonight. Nothing like the blizzard of '09 though. I can't remember the last time the storms were this bad. The size and duration this year is absolutely crazy! This view is beautiful today and that's as close as I want to get!
Drove back to Kearney yesterday....(the roads were 99% better)to get my car serviced and ready to be in the garage for a lengthy stay. I'm going to be cleaning and packing. D Day is 7 days away! Woo Hoo!!!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Snowed In for Christmas

The two boys and families made it. The girls and families did not.
We're snowed in yet this morning, the day after.
We had a good time yesterday with lots of food and gifts and fun....however.....with our bunch there's never a dull moment! After the meeting room was cleaned up, I crashed and was awakened at 4 a.m. by someone yelling for help. My littlist Granddaughter spiked a temp, was having seizures and we had to call an ambulance!
Having 2 EMTs in the family helped. Oh boy, red lights and cops in the middle of the night in a blizzard. I bet we woke up this whole wing. I locked myself out of our room barefooted and in my nightgown..!They got to bring her home with medicine and the fever is down. Sinus Infection.
Needless to say have been up all night. Put on DH's boots and scooped a path for the dog this morning. We are going nowhere today. Maybe walk next door to the Steakhouse for lunch later.
The roads are still closed to the east and the crazy kids still think they're going to Michigan. Quite a few stranded here now. Merry Christmas. May go a little stir crazy and hoping there's a nap here somewhere today! It's over. I need to go get more Tylenol, I hurt everywhere!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

We may have Dodged a Bullet

We still have lots of snow, about 8" so far. We sat and watched it all day and watched all of the storm warnings on TV. Then this afternoon it kinda let up and we got a ray of hope from the weather forcasters, saying that we weren't going to end up with 14 inches after all, but not to get a false sense of security, because the wind was going to blow and travel is still treacherous. I'm pretty sure that my son will brave the roads and travel tomorrow.
He thinks they are going on from here to Michigan for just a couple of days. I guess the jury will still be out on that one. DH got busy this afternoon late and ran the snow blower all over. We have about another inch on top now. I think by tomorrow we will be able to make our way to our destination if we don't get in blizzard conditions. I have all of the food prepared and am making a list of all of the things to be done to set this up once we get to the hotel. I have catered many events, but this is a solo event for the family and I'm trying to keep the labor to a minimum so I can enjoy the day too! Our mail came today too, and I got through most of the end of the year stuff. Can't believe that 2009 is coming to a close!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bracing for Another Storm

Winter Storm Warnings already posted. Blizzard warnings and 50mph winds forcast. This is absolutely not called for! Maybe 13-18 more inches of snow on top of what's left. I want out now. We may not even be able to drive the hour on Christmas Eve to our destination, and if we do, no one will probably be able to show up with their families, so our Christmas may very well be delayed! I have finished baking today, and now am making treat bags and candy favors. Lots of fun things if I ever get to put this shindig on!! I'm so ready to go. Want warmth. Talked to the Mgr. at Desert Valley in AZ today and they were having a terrible wind and sand storm, and I wouldn't have liked that either. On the news they said wrecks and 4 deaths and the area looked like I10 not far from our Resort. We were discussing today how long we will spend there this year. No promises. There's so much we have yet to explore. Races, Festivals, a rally in Yuma and then there's Newport Beach CA. They're calling me! It's nice to be loved! LOL. OK...enough of a break. Time to get back to work, and we'll just have to watch this weather to see if we go...or not!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Last Sunday before Santa Comes

The days are getting busier and busier. Yesterday was a really nice day. DH went hunting with a whole crew of guys from Grand Island NE. The TV weatherman and friends came down here and my youngest son came down to help his dad with a big group. A good time was had by all, except the poor weatherman lost his phone and now today DH is back out there hunting, but for a phone instead of birds! I am doing my last round of baking. Will decorate Cookies and deliver a couple of home made gifts tonight. We are forcast to get some more snow about Wednesday. Guess it will brighten the snow up that we already have. We will load everything up and make our way up to our Hotel on Thursday so I can decorate and get everything set up. Got to watch this year's "Thrills and Spills" drag racing recap show this morning. I miss it already, and can't wait til February when we will be at Firebird for their second 2010 appearance. I've got a couple of projects to finish up here, a couple days to clean, store stuff and winterize and it's "Down the Road We go!" I'm almost getting excited. I've had enough snow and cold for a long while. Don't know what's up with it this year. Everywhere having a harsh mess. I may look at a month in Hawaii next year.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

In Omaha Tonight

We made our way down Interstate 80 this afternoon and checked into our hotel before the real hustle and bustle of the city got too crazy to deal with. I haven't been in the part of town that we need to go to tomorrow for a few years, so we did a "dry run" so I could remember the way! Things came back really quickly, however, I think they even have more snow than we do at home and the streets and roads are a mess! I was kinda embarassed by how dirty our car is, until I got here and looked around, and now I feel we fit right in! I'm really glad I didn't get to wash it! We really have a heat wave goin' on. It got up to a roaring 25 today. I'm pleased with our accommodations here. We ended up in a suite, when I just ordered a king room. It's a good thing! We both have TVs this way! Dueling remotes, just like at home. When I was the General Manager of a hotel in Nebraska in a past life, I also lived on property in a suite. Not really unlike this one, so feel pretty much at home! We have appointments tomorrow and then if DH feels like it we will go out for supper and head back to the west on Friday. I thought I would have shopping left to do but we finished that up Monday, so guess not much to hang around here for. The weather should be good until that time and they are calling for flurries Friday, so as long as we don't get 6 inches of flurries, we should have a great uneventful trip back home. You all know about the best laid plans, and if ya wanna see God laugh, make plans. Well I'll reserve all "plans" for the spur of the moment! We did make the appointment to get our new tires on the coach the 6th of January. The only thing that will change that will be the weather of course. At least they know we're coming! The next item of business to get through Christmas. More comments on that later! Night now!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Foggy and Slick Tonight

Another bit of bad weather. Planning on a shopping trip in the morning, but may not get an early start if it's slick like they say it is now. Have had a busy few days. Spent all of today and another day,baking cookies and Banana Bread for Christmas. Am getting into the swing of it now and almost done. I had Grandkids down yesterday for a day of sledding on our Golf Course. I fixed them lunch, chili and hot chocolate. They came back later cold wet and hungry, so we had more hot chocolate and desserts. Tonight I am tired. 4 loaves of Banana Bread, pan of Raspberry Almond Bars. Baked Tilapia, Hashbrown Casserole and Mixed Veggies for supper. I fell like an Alcoholic at a Vodka Convention!LOL. Trying to be good and stay on track after 20 lbs. down and I have to be around all this food! Go figure. We're getting ready to make our way to Omaha on Wednesday. My dog isn't acting like her happy self, so will make an appointment for her to go to the vet for a check up on Tuesday. She has lost 9 lbs. and didn't need to. Probably from Hunting so hard, but something that worries me anyway. She doesn't have much energy. We may have to give her vitamins and a beefed up food. Watching a program on National Geographic Explorer about the Iraq War and they are using pics and footage from '03. Wow bad memories of feelings when a loved one in Harms way and the way I would drink in every bit of news 8 hrs a day. Fox News was my friend. So many bad things. Word was today that Heavy Troop Deployment from Nebraska in 2010. They no doubt will be headed for Afghanistan. Hope they get this overwith.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Diggin Out Process

DH finally got our drifts busted out, the sidewalks and driveway are cleared. The wind blew hard and drifted the snow up on our house and all across the front. I think we ended up with about 12 inches. Did I repeat that "I Hate Cold!" Well tonight the wind chill is supposed to drop to about -30. Not conducive to living in an RV that's for sure, so for this stint I'm glad we've still got the sticks n bricks. This puts me in the mood for Christmas and I got busy and wrapped all I have bought for the Grandkids so far.
I'm ready to get the show on the road and get it over with. Didn't go anywhere again today. How many days does it take cooped up in the house, to go stir crazy?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Let it Snow Let It Snow OH NO!!!

This is the very weather that I said I was done with. All I've done today is sweep off the step and scoop a little bit of the sidewalk and a circle in the grass so the spoiled house frau doesn't have to go in the deep snow.
I've been out doing that about every hour all day! It's about 19 degrees and the winds howling up a blizzard. I have no intentions of going anywhere until this is overwith and things are cleared up. DH worked around here yesterday and made sure that the snow blower would start and we had enough supplies to get through a few days.
With all that done, we just sat around here today and watched some old video tapes. The last Graduation of my old high school, which so happened to be my oldest son's class, and then they moved to a consolidated school. The same tape had a Fort Knox Graduation on it, of my son's M1A1 Advanced Tank Class. That was way before the Current Wars and Overseas Turmoil started. All in 1995. The Army got a trained Tank Operator when this round of the Iraq war began in 2003. Yesterday was the aniversary of Pearl Harbor. Hope you all took a pause to thank a Veteran and remember the day. I always have another reminder, as one of our Granddaughters have a birthday on the 7th. We will ride out this storm. Now we should at least have a white Christmas.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Baby it's Cold Outside!

DH and our weatherman (Kent on the far left Danny next to him) and some friends had a great day Friday out in the fields around here. It was a beautiful day, and now, two days later a big change!Today he's playin in the house, golf and bowling on Wii!
We have been warned before. Nothing much happened but just in case I went to town and got milk this morning so I have enough supplies for a few days. It's 21 degrees and finally about an hour ago, the snow came in. It's really getting with it and the visibility is poor. They say by Tuesday we could have 7 inches. We'll see, but you can bet I won't be out and about. It's a good day to stay in and watch NFL football and eat soup. Got busy and made a batch of home made vegetable beef soup. I'm finally recovered from the 5 gallons of Chicken Noodle that I made last weekend! Our Cornhusker football team went down in defeat last night. By one stinking point to Texas for the National Big Twelve Championship. We scared 'em good anyway and they are Champions in our eyes anyway. Good job Huskers. Now for some RV Related fodder. Some friends of ours are in Elkhart Indiana to complete the sale of their MCI Bus Conversion and figured they'd get some work done on their Winnebago Ultimate Advantage that they moved into this summer. These folks live full time and work out of their motor coach. While parked at the repair facility, someone broke into the motorhome, stole quite a bit of stuff and they encountered one thief when they returned for the evening. Since he is a gun enthusiast, he owns several weapons, which they almost made off with, but luckily were thwarted and fortunately no one was hurt as the thief got away. I don't know what I would have done. There are some scenarios that would have had a much worse outcome for all around. It's given to us as a wake up call to be mindful of your surroundings and try to park in safe places. I feel sorry for them, dealing with the mess that they made, you feel so violated,having to replace what they got away with and cancel buisness things that could be breached. No one is exempt from hoodlums and with the economy being as it is, not that these thugs probably had or ever had held a job, but I think we will see this increase. Put your safety first and don't confront them if at all possible. It sure made me think of things I will do different when we resume our travels the first of the year. Today I'm just gonna try to stay warm!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

RV Planning and Maintenance Sitting Still

Well, we've got about a month yet before we hit the road again. It's a lot colder here this week. Today I started researching the latest info that I can find about replacing the tires on the coach. We've gone way past the normal limits on our current tires, as they are original and the numbers say they are 11 years old. Not good, since everyone says the rule is replace at 7 years. We got the two fronts replaced in Grants Pass Oregon this year, and since the garage is in Colorado, I looked at places around there, finding that they aren't the mecca for tires! I started with some RV Dealers. They don't deal with tires on a coach of our size, so they referred me to a Commercial Tire Shop. They recommended Goodyear G670s because they are made from a compound that is supposed to resist weathering and are especially made for RVs. I have read conflicting opinions, some in favor, saying that they were an improved ride, and some lean toward Michelin XRVs. I have even read that the 670s are discontinued, so now what. What ever we decide, I am going to make sure to have the manufactured dates checked before they are installed, so we don't get tires that have sat around for a few years, making the age issue a problem right off the bat. I have put out a call for help on the Escapees forums and they usually shed light on whatever subject I need help with! Thanks guys! And girls! Have been battling a cold and really haven't felt well for a few days. Made one of my "Regular" rediology appointments for PenRad in Co. Springs for the morning of the 6th of it's safe to assume that we will be hitting the road with that out of the way. Could this be the beginnings of "Hitch Itch?" I think it might be!!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Football Friday

Is always the day after Thanksgiving. Cornhuskers play Colorado. Too tired to get up at the butt crack of dawn and go fight crowds in the city. We slept in and regrouped after a full day of yaking and eating with Family and Friends at Lake Maloney by North Platte NE. I put the pics I took yesterday on for those of you who didn't get there. It was an positively beautiful day.
We had Deep Fried Turkey and all the stuff to go with it. My coconut cream pie was a big hit and all the kids played outside all day. I got the chance to take KayCee for a long walk after dinner and DH played cards for most of the afternoon.
We broke out all the food one more time about 6:30 and everybody dug in again.
The neighbors even brought their left overs and joined in on the fun at the Whalen's. Everyone started leaving and we got on the road about 8:00 p.m. I hate to drive after dark, but it actually was an easy run home and I didn't even see any deer! My youngest got a speeding ticket for 40 in a 35 right in town by the I80 exit. Guess they were really on a mission yesterday. Now most kids get tickets for 80+ mph not my son! Gotta love it. When he was just learning to drive he got a warning for impeding traffic by driving too slow...guess it hasn't changed too much. He said he's taking the STOP Class! hahaha There was no traffic there last night, that NSP trooper must have really been hard pressed for something to do. In the meantime 100 lbs of pot probably went skating right through there on the Interstate! Today I'm not only thankful for my friends, family and health, I'm thankful for Buffalo Wings (anything but Turkey) and Nebraska Football. I will take the easy route and do some online black friday shopping and rest up for the Anniversary party that we will attend tomorrow night in Kearney. Haven't seen these people for years, but we were in their wedding and anyone who is with the same person for 30 years has a reason to celebrate survival! 68 degrees and sunny here today. DH and KayCee out hunting with friends from Colorado and I am enjoying the peace and quiet! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!Go Big Red....

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

We truly have bunches to be Thankful for. The usual list....and lots more of things to come on down the road that we haven't experienced yet. I'm headed to bed after a full day. DH put the back out again and has been tolerating that all weekend, so we went to the Chiro this morning. I came home and worked in the kitchen the rest of the day. 3 pies and 2 desserts later I'm ready to pack it up in the morning and head off to the Sister in law's an hour and a half away. Will spend the day with family and then come back home tomorrow night. To all a good night and have a Blessed Turkey Day......

Saturday, November 21, 2009

No Good News

Every place I turn...the T.V.....the Radio....and the Internet.....there's bad news. The dow is down, the special executive session is forcast to be a fight one way or the other. The Al Quaida are still wreaking havoc on everything they touch and we are walking amongst more extremist Multi-Cultural Sympathizers every day! The media are bringing Sara Palin forward and interviewing her to compliment her book tour. They hope that it helps their ratings and she hopes it sells more books. Quite honestly I don't think she would have made as big of a mess out of our economy as we're in right now with our current administration. But in all of this gloom and doom this weekend, I see a brightness. The weather here is going to be quite warm. My youngest son came home to hunt. We have company from Colorado again and I made it up early to feed the crew this morning. The men and dogs are gone for the day. I am having a party with the "Wii Fit" so that I don't have to watch the news for a while. We will go out for supper tonight. The Cornhuskers host Kansas State. Go Skers. I'm studying up on Southern California and trying to decide where we will spend some time after we leave Arizona. Even if the country is in dire straits, we need to find some good in our present days....or it can depress even the strongest of souls! Have a great weekend. :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

O.K. I know someone's trying to get even with me! I've waited patiently. Tonight is the Final Races of the season. There's a one point difference in the Top Fuel Class and I was really looking forward to seeing the outcome tonight after staying up really late last night watching the Qualifying Round. It's Snowing so hard that it knocked the satellite feed out and I'm missing all of it! Now I like "Funniest Home Videos" but not the time when my Year End Final Races is on! Dang. Getting even for not going on the cruise! Getting even for not being there at Pamona this weekend. O.K. got me. I was trying to make up for it by searching the books and maps today for a spot to set down in California for a month this time. I think I have one. It's a little farther, but a straighter shot to Ocean Blvd! Also right across from the ocean for the Betsy Bus. All will be good. Near a Camping World, Wal Mart and my favorite grocery store, Pavillions. A new area to explore to the south, not too far from Capistrano. Will be good. Haven't even decided how long we will stay in Arizona now that I have that figured. It just depends on how hard the wind blows and if DH puts his back out playing golf. We shall see. Can ya tell...the snow started flying and I make travel plans. DH and the Tractor made it back here safely about 1 a.m. this morning. The kid went on to Colorado in the brunt of all the Winter Storm Warnings today. I can't believe I don't have totally grey hair! They make me crazy.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veteran's Day

Hope everyone got the opportunity to tell a Veteran "Thank You" today, to Celebrate with,or Celebrate because of the selfless acts of our Soldiers making our world a better place.This is a picture of our "Veteran", fortunate to be able to visit us and have a really good time with his kids this year on Haloween. He has friends still in harm's way, some at Ft. Hood. Special thoughts and prayers to all at Ft. Hood. It has been a very grey and drizzly day here, and tonight the drizzle has turned into mist. DH getting called out to help his fellow man on a "Unit Call" this evening. He keeps his license up and his membership on our Fire Department. I'm sure he likes the chance to drive the new Ambulance every now and again. His week has been pretty busy so far, on Tuesday, he along with our youngest son, traveled to Grand Island and met up with "The Weatherman" and they got to play host to a retired Major League Baseball Player for a morning hunt by Fullerton NE, halfway across this state!~ That was a long day. We got up at 2:30 a.m. so he could travel. I went back to bed. A person has really got to like to hunt to do that! Yesterday I took this lil' laptop in for a service and got some more memory. It seems a little faster now. Our oldest son is coming through here in the morning and will pick up his dad and they are headed to Wisconsin to pick up a Tractor that he bought and haul it back to Colorado. So it'll be just me and the house frau for the next 3 or 4 days.
I'm sure he's in for a real treat of a trip. Everything Kyle does is an adventure! A friend of mine that took my position at the plumbing firm has her son in the hospital with the H1N1 Flu. Our thoughts and prayers are with them that he get well really soon. I may get to go back to my old office and help her keep caught up with some bookwork. Hope I remember how! I'm trying to keep a low profile and stay out of contact with anyone that may possibly have the "flu". I got the shot and have a few more days until the immunity is good. We usually attend a church "Thanksgiving" Dinner every year that we can, and it was this evening and we decided because of the rampant flu that we would pass on being at a crowded gathering. I hate it, but the risk isn't worth it. I'm just now feeling normal after a cold for a week! I have enough things to keep busy. Having fun planning and ordering things for our Christmas at the Hotel in Kearney. Another friend called and their 30th anniversary is the weekend after Thanksgiving and since we we in the wedding, we're invited to a dinner in their honor. Things just keep coming up! Not time to be bored. On the sad side this week, a fellow colleague of DH out of his office in Holdrege....his two boys were in a car wreck by Interstate 80, the youngest, 21 years old, was ejected and killed and the other serious and life flighted to Lincoln NE. We are so lucky to have never gotten a call like that. Our boys traveled about and sowed their wild oats. What a horrible thing for any parent to have to go through. Rest in Peace Robby Schumacher. This year is definitely moving on....The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Rest of this Year will Fly By Now

Colorado v NebraskaThe rest of the year will fly on by now. Seems like we've just got here and actually we've been here just shy of a month. Days are just running together. Went to the Hospital and got my H1N1 flu shot and have been sick ever since! Go Figure. Had my annual blood work done this week and was fearful that it would be out of whack. Feared for no reason it seems, as everything is good and had a glowing report, everything within normal limits,so must be doing something right! Started with a new Doctor and really like him, so to those of you who recommended him to me....Thanks! Took a ride up north to Lexington NE yesterday, and lots of farmers are really working to get their crops out. Many Grain Haulers and pieces of Farm Equipment on the roads. Use extra caution if you're in a farming area, their minds are not always on the highway, but in their work! Be safe! Tonight we will watch Football. A great College Rivalry between Nebraska and Oklahoma. No predictions, just rooting for the home team. I could have slept all day, but I didn't. DH and KayCee have been hunting all day every day this week. He always makes every activity into a job. The Colorado Hunters will leave tomorrow and then he helps guide for a retired baseball pitcher with our son and our local weatherman. I know my dog is exhausted and ready for a rest. I made a new Cajun Shrimp with Linguini...lordy get the Tums.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Quick note on a Sad, Sad Day

Thirteen Dead In Mass Shooting At Fort Hood
Just a note. Need to share some feelings. All of the feelings that I had the morning of 9-11 watching the horror unfold on TV in New York City. The feelings of helpless disbelief that washed over me the day that the Murah Federal Building exploded in Oklahoma City. Once again, this nation and it's people have been attacked from within. This time at Food Hood Texas at a Rediness station. Well my son was attached to that post. He was 4th Infantry Division. We didn't experience that post but the one in Colorado, however, lots of his buddies are at Ft. Hood. The feelings of a helpless but proud parent of a soldier, both being deployed and the relief of one returning home. All those sad feelings for me have returned tonight. The parents and families of those soldiers and civilians involved in this incident need all of our thoughts and prayers tonight. All of those brave people....... I just shake my head and wonder.....will it ever stop? I have my thoughts about this, and I will save them and reserve my opinion until after the investigation. I thank god that my son and the rest of my family are safe tonight. Rest in Peace brave souls.

Monday, November 2, 2009

A Great Weekend now Passed

I survived yet another opening weekend of Pheasant Season! It just so happened that Haloween was on the same Saturday!
Lots of Company, family and friends all around. It was really hard for me to pay attention to all that was here at the same time. The hunters did well even though it was muddy, and most of the crops aren't out of the fields yet. It was nice to see the Boys, daughter in Law and kids. We had an absolutely beautiful afternoon to take the kids out for some Haloween Fun. They had fun and really cleaned up on the treats. We had them bouncing off the walls til near midnight! Even the big kids seemed to have fun making the rounds to the adult places and visiting with friends.
We had a Strawberry that wouldn't keep her hat on, Batman and the "Joker" Trick or treats from some of our businesses and then hot dogs, marshmallows roasted over a bon fire on the corner! They do things so much different todayWe were home before dark! No rolling stuff down main hill or starting hay bales on fire. Just some toilet paper around in the trees. I spent today washing bedding and cleaning up. .
Only found one gray sweatshirt and one pair of socks that don't belong here, so they did good this time packing up.LOL.... KayCee almost made it 48 hours into the season without getting hurt. The first day she lost 3 of her customized boots, and the second day she cut her leg pretty deep right at the dew claw. It's bandaged and she limps now. Hard to tell how long she will last without a break. I don't believe they'll ever get back to work in the fields. Today started with another good rain shower. Just when it looks to be drying out, it rains again! Waiting for sheets to dry this afternoon, I found myself reading RV Blogs and getting the urge to be moving on. Listening to the adventures of the road from others perspective, makes me want to get back to the coach! The big reminder this week is to test the Carbon Monoxide Detectors and be wary of Furnace fumes or gases of other kinds in the season when Carbon Monoxide Poisoning is the greatest!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

No Big News

I've spent the last couple of days trying to get things organized for the upcoming weekend. The weather is getting colder right now, but I am thankful not to be in Colorado or the panhandle of Nebraska for the forcast is for up to 2 feet of snow in the next couple of days. Us? Just rain. Maybe. I have spent the past couple of hours writing about our experiences and opinions concerning a Continued Service Plan on our Coach. Recent new owners, asked for some guidance on whether or not to purchase this plan. It's insurance. It's a pain. We've used it a couple times on some pretty costly but necessary repairs, that I wouldn't have wanted the whole bill, but quite honestly, the plan was misrepresented and doesn't pay nearly as well as they said it would. Having said that....moving on. Sent DH to wash some blankets for me downtown today and he ended up playing cards. I have got several functions and appointments made in the last couple of days. Christmas Reservations made in Kearney. Family Reunion Reservations for June in Cheyenne, done. Dental Check ups for tomorrow. DH goes for medical tomorrow and I will go next week. Can't believe that the month of October is almost over. Haloween is in two is the end to Daylight Savings time. Don't forget to turn your clocks back on Saturday night!~

Sunday, October 25, 2009

6 Days and Counting...

Coming down to the wire now.
She's positive there's birds out there for her! This coming Friday night kicks off the 2009 Pheasant Season in Nebraska. There will be a Hunter's Feed and Gathering at our Steak House, and then it'll be early to rise on Saturday morning. KayCee is restless now, after going out yesterday and testing out a field, put up three pheasants. DH went out and did some practice shooting this afternoon at the local gun club, and then we took a ride when he came home. It was mostly cloudy today,thought it was gonna rain any minute. Hoping the sun appears tomorrow or Tuesday as I want to make a fall trip to Harlan County Reservoir before it gets all snowy. We have another trip to Kearney to do some returns and pick up some supplies at Wal Mart. We noticed a vehicle backed up to the local motel that has been closed this year. Looked like they were moving beds in the house, so maybe there will be a new business starting up. Our hunters are going to really miss that place this year. We can hope it stays open. Our racing friends are gearing up for the Nationals in Las Vegas next weekend. I'm really jealous that the girls are planning on having a fire pit and roasting marshmallows. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Glenn wins their class, as if he does we will be headed to the Mexican Riviera the end of November! That sounds pretty good. It just gets colder and colder here!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Very Little Snow but Very Much Accomplished

We've pretty much been staying inside the past couple of days.
Weather not fit to be outside. Gusty winds and rains and a little snow today.
The Wii has been getting a workout. My arm is sore and at least DH isn't bored. It's pretty amazing how technology has made it possible to bowl and play tennis in the house, and it seems like the real thing!
KayCee got a dry run with her hunting boots yesterday and with the weather not good for going to the field, we've been playing a lot of catch in the house with the toy pheasant.
Not a clue as to how she'll do with the real thing this year without Wyatt. Today we got the rest of her Haloween outfit in the mail. Her shirt says "trick or treat, smell my paws!" Pretty quiet around here otherwise.

Monday, October 19, 2009

A Beautiful Fall Day

Here in South Central Nebraska, these beautiful days, we know as numbered! We have finally got a couple days of sunshine after many with no sun at all. The corn crops need to dry more, but folks are starting to go full bore into harvest. Tis the season, so they say. Hunting season is getting closer. Our dog knows there's a change in the air. We made a trip to Cabelas yesterday after spending some time with the grand kids. DH had to pick up some essentials and take advantage of a sale that was over yesterday. Today we finally had the TV serviceman here and now have all of our channels on all TVs. Yea! I was almost getting used to going to bed without one on! NOT. Tomorrow I have a lady coming to wallpaper some walls here. It should be an interesting day. We have been working with our Wii Fit every day. It's kinda fun doing it together, because a partner to motivate ya to exercise is always a good thing.

In thinking of the upcoming Travel Session, I have received the new Good Sam Magazine "Highways" and in that was my upcoming 2010 Trailer Life Directory order form. I will order it when I get to Arizona, but until then, I have the 2009 copy. I would recommend using the It has all of the same information as the magazine, and you can find RV Parks to stay at. Many of the listings are in the Trailer Life Directory, it gives the ammenities and contact information of the parks. I have to decide in the next couple of months which memberships I will keep this year, or if I will let some go. I use the Trailer life Directory and Good Sam the most.

I have heard that lots of folks are starting to return to our Desert Valley Resort. I'm getting excited about seeing (and using) the new exercise room, hanging out with all the friends we have made and exploring more in Arizona. Until then, it's time to get back to planning the winter in good old Nebraska!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Summary and Continuance

Today I have a chance to sit down and give you a short summarization of the recently finished travel season.
DH and KC left early this morning headed out to help with the Youth Mentor Hunt for the Republican Valley Chapter of Pheasants Forever. KayCee has bright shiny teeth and all of her maintenance shots she had done yesterday. I have taken some time today to wash windows, vaccuming the new carpet and basically having a day to organize. There's a football game on this afternoon and hopefully we will get to watch it. Go Big Red! Yes, I'm still a die hard Husker Fan!
In looking back over our summer travels, we came back across the mountains from California in May, stopping in Nevada,Wyoming,Kansas,Nebraska,Iowa,Missouri,back across Kansas, ending in Fountain Colorado on October 9. The trip across Donner Pass was trying and very rough. We traveled approximately 300 miles per day for 6 days. That is too fast and will try very hard not to do that again! Blame that one on the NHRA Summer National Drag Races in Topeka! One thing that is dear to my heart is Drag Racing, on both the sporting and professional level. We have met and made some very dear friends and I have received my mailing for seating for the 2010 Arizona Nationals. We will be there for sure the end of February. Topeka holds a very sad memory, in that we lost our dear companion Wyatt. Our 14 year old German Shorthair. Thankfully, we found a very caring Veterinarian, and Pet Creamation Service. The daily care and comfort that we provided for our young female shorthair somehow made the grieving process a little easier. Again, thank god for our racing family helping us through that one. After saying goodbye in Topeka, we headed for Nebraska, where our family increased by two. Our youngest daughter gave birth to twins prematurely and we spent about 3 weeks visiting with family around our home area. Tad and Danica are a real blessing for the Dossett family! We then met up with a musician friend from our days in Arizona last winter. He is originally from Nebraska City and was in town playing for the annual Cherry Festival. Located in the south east corner of Nebraska, Nebraska City claimed their fame by the origination of Arbor Day and tranportation of goods on the Lewis and Clark trail at the Missouri River. We made our way into Iowa where we made a big wide circle of the state. The first stop was in Osceola at Terribles Casino and RV Park. From that base, we visited the birthplace of John Wayne and the Covered Bridges of Madison County. Experienced a Maid Rite (loose meat sandwich). Just as Nebraska has an exclusive Runza Sandwich, the Maid Rite is exclusive to Iowa.
We stayed in all kinds of RV Parks, from a city park, to a quaint shaded park adjacent to a Drag Race Strip. In the Center of Iowa we had to have some repairs to our generator and spent four days at a Cummins Dealer in Cedar Rapids. That gave us the opportunity to see all the damage and rebuilding of that city after the severe flooding of the Cedar River and the Central part of Iowa from 2008. We spent the week of the 4th of July at the famed Amana Colonies in a very nice grass RV Park with room to host Rallys and rigs of any size. They had a nice fireworks display, postponed until the 5th by rain the whole day of the 4th. We had several Traditional meals in their Dining Halls. Everything was served family style, with cottage cheese, pickled beets and saurkraut at each evening meal. Not a McDonald's in sight or any fast food. In northern Iowa, we visited the memorial site, crash site and the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake. Famed last performance location of Richie Valens and the Big Bopper in the 50S, and still a working ballroom that was hosting a performance by Randy Travis the day that we were there, his big Prevost in the parking lot. We toured the Winnebago plant at Forest City and stayed in a rural RV Park about 4 miles from town. We traveled across the top of the state on a state highway and landed in Arnolds Park Iowa. A Resort town on the edge of Iowa's "Great Lakes", Lake Okoboji and Spriit Lake. We stayed in a new RV Park that had a nice rural Location. The rest of the swing through Iowa was back across the lower tier of counties, taking advantage of the customs of the Amish and Mennonite communities and enjoying their crafts and wonderful baked goods. Right before leaving Iowa, DH had to bend over and put his back out in Mt. Pleasant. My heart sunk, we got a recommendation for a Chiropractor and went directly there. He had several adjustments, and I was prepared to stay there for the usual required month for him to recover, and all in all, it was cut down to two weeks. South into Missouri we went, stopping to tour Hannibal, with their claim to fame with Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer. The famous caves and museums, and a dinner cruise on a river boat was the highlight of that stop.
We stopped off and drove into St. Louis to see the Arch. DH took the trip to the top, but with my fobia of heights, I waited below. Once across to Marshfield on the way to Branson, we had a little shopping to do, at Camping World and Bass Pro Shop in Springfield, drove on south in the toad because I had a funny feeling about the RV Park where I had made reservations. Good thing we did that, as I would have been very unhappy there, it was too far away from all the activities in Branson. We ate at Lambert's, (home of the Throwed Rolls) and they came around with huge stainless steel bowls of fried okra...YUM. Found a small park, (Oak Grove Campground) we loved this place. Awesome shows, lots to see and do.
We drove and toured the surrounding area around Table Rock Lake. Had company there for a few days, and got to show her around. We enjoyed the Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede and Silver Dollar City with all their fall foliage and decortions. Back toward the barn in Kansas, we stopped and toured the Wizard of Oz Museum and hung out for their Oztoberfest at the town of Wamego. Being not far from Ft. Riley, we got to see the Mounted Color Guard for that Army Post. Our son was a member of the Mounted Color Guard at Ft. Carson in Colorado, so we always appreciate seeing them. We had some yearly maintenance done on the coach in Colby KS. and stopped off in Goodland, witnessing the first snow flakes of the season. Of all the places that we went this summer, I am really impressed with Iowa and it's lush green and groomed fields. I loved Arnolds Park and in Missouri, I could see us spending more time in Branson. The run to the barn in Fountain Colorado to get the coach tucked in was done with just hours to spare. The next day was freezing rain and slick roads abounding.
We will hang out here at the sticks and bricks for a few weeks while DH gets his fill of pheasant hunting and I try some new wild game recipes. We will visit friends and relatives and enjoy the holiday season before we grab the coach and head south for the remainder of the winter. We are still loving life and being retired. It's been a weird summer all around weather wise. Who knows what the upcoming weeks hold, but I'm prepared to hibernate if needed. I don't like cold. Stay tuned...usually here there's always something going on.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rain, Drizzle, Fog and jet lag!

That's the story here in the big city of Oxford today. The other biggie is the fact that I feel like I have jet lag! Am so tired today I can't hardly put one foot in front of the other. I slept in way late for me, and I still needed a nap. I blame part of this on the weather,hopefully I won't get sick. Got some technical issues dealt with today. Ordered a Retrofit Kit that we need for the Fuel filter/water seperator on the coach. Made some appointments and cooked a little. DH ventured out in the weather and went to town this afternoon. It has been drizzly and cold all day. Hope it straightens up pretty soon, I'm tired of this already. We have to be on the road to the Vet Clinic early on Friday, as KayCee gets her teeth cleaned, nails clipped and shots. Last night I let her out in the back yard and she treed a coon up a telephone pole and I had a devil of a time getting her to come back in! I hated to break the news to her, but shes a bird dog, not a coon dog. She never really barked at it, just stared in disbelief. Have to make the trek to Kearney while she's being worked on to pick some things up and go to Cabelas. It's hard to believe, Thursday is hubby and my 31st anniversary. We have survived lots of stuff over the years,good and bad and are still going strong. He still makes me laugh, even when I don't want to so....I think I'll keep him around another year!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

It's Been a Long Week

We made our way across Kansas on I70,amid the wind and oil wells along the way, headed toward the barn to put Betsy away for a while.
It's nice to have a heated building and the owner to start her every 2 weeks while we are gone. We eliminate the need to winterize.
Thursday we arrived at Colby, had a 1:00 appointment at the Cummins dealer for service. Over $800.00 later we ran on down the road to Goodland and pulled into the campground amidst great big flakes of snow! I have relatives in Goodland, mostly in the cemetary, but didn't take time out this trip to see them! In following the weather forcasts all week I knew that Friday was going to be the only clear shot we had to get to Fountain and the storage before it got rotten for several days, and I decided to take a run for it. I was almost afraid to look out Friday morning, fearing it would be all white, but luck was with us and not a flake on the ground, so we packed and stowed, cleaned and dumped and made the 3 hour trip to Fountain by late afternoon. I broke a few of my "Cardinal" Rules that day. I don't like to travel after dark but we wanted to get to Nebraska before the storm, so we left Co. Springs after getting Betsy tucked in and drove the 6 hrs. in the dark, and made it home at 1:30 a.m., just in time for it to start snowing! Am I nuts? I hate cold! The only good thing about this is I can wear my John Force Racing Coat~!LOL After unloading we got to bed about 3:30 a.m. and up early. Had a boatload of stuff to arrange and put away, didn't have any food so went out to eat and drove to Kearney NE
to Copperfields, where my son's band was playing. We walked in and suprised him! Once again getting home at 2:00 a.m. this morning! I got a lot done today, am exhausted. DH can't get the DVR hooked back up correctly, so will have to call some place for help tomorrow. Things are arranged and finally got some food, so will be able to stay home and eat, maybe make up for some of that maintenance expense. KayCee got a bath in the real bathtub today, and she's curled up by me on the couch. Now I have a clean spoiled brat!
Its foggy, light fine snow, my deck is covered, and it's time for the week's racing finals from PA. With only 3 races left I don't want to miss them. Glad I don't have to follow a schedule for a while or worry about driving in the wind and weather. We drove in wind every day this week except for Friday. Posts may not be as interesting or picturesque from here for a while. I will just have to try to keep up. Things here are pretty much as we left them, and it will be good seeing family and friends. Now if we can just get these electronics mastered..... my football team - Denver Broncos just went 5 - 0! Yea team!!! Pretty awesome year for their new young coach!