Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope your day is everything you want it to be! My Valentine went way above and beyond in the gift department! I got flowers, chocolates and a card! We have tickets to a show tonight here at the Palms, a Las Vegas Act, Three Faces of Elvis, so will have plenty of music and entertainment. Now they say when you're when your with your honey and it's real love, you can feel the earth move!

Well, 3:10 this morning.... we were all snuggled in and snoozin' when the blinds rattled and the coach shook and we swayed back and forth! Yes my friends, a 5.0 Earthquake! KayCee sat straight up and barked. So that was my "Earth Moving" experience on Valentine's Day! Not too much real exciting happenings here in Yuma. We have been having a great time with friends from the Escapees Group that have lingered here around Yuma for awhile. Last week we toured the Martha's Garden Medjool Date Farm.
It was just as interesting this year and it was when I went last year. This family has operated this farm for over 20 years and have increased the number of Date producing Palm Trees to over 8,000.
I am fascinated with the agriculture and how labor intensive these food sources are from this part of the country.

On the back side of the Date farm, we stopped for a wonderful view of some of the valley's lush and fertile farm ground, where the different varieties of lettuce are ready for harvest.

We stopped in their store and sampled a "Date Shake" and bought some dates to bring home. Then we came back here to our place and had appetizers and sandwiches on the patio. Sunday we gathered at Famous Daves BBQ at the Yuma Palms Mall.

A good time was had by all and we left with really full tummies! Tomorrow will be the next meeting at Steve and Carols and probably the last meeting until somewhere else down the road in the future.

It has been sunny here for the most part, but really not pool weather. The wind is a strong breeze and has been blowing every day!

DH got our TV set up in the basement and we had Happy Hour at our place last night and we had a Wii Bowling Tournament.

It's amazing how much fun we can have! Some of our neighbors are getting restless and branching out with side trips now.

Our next door neighbors are leaving tonight after the show to Palm Springs for a week.

The folks next to them are leaving in the morning for Las Vegas for a week. I have "hitch itch" too, but will wait until the first of March to branch out. We will go to San Diego and up to Carlsbad for a few days, then over to Casa Grande for a few days to visit with friends.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Every Other Day!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday everybody! The last couple of weeks have been pretty busy ones. We've had to maintain two schedules....activities here in our Resort with this group and also about every other day...a meeting with our Escapees Class of '08 Group. I am enjoying them immensely this year! They are truly our RV Family! We've had a Car Show here at the Palms,along with a Burger Bash and Elvis Impersonator.

Suprisingly enough, a really good impression and voice actually sounded like Elvis!

(notice how all these beautiful cars are right out our back door! That's our rig right behind the cars, all I had to do was walk a few feet across the street!How cool is that!)

Our group sat right in the middle of the pools so had a good view and access to the beer and food tables. They estimated there were 2500 people here at the event. Word must have spread that it was a very good time last year!

Into the past week, most of our Escapees group have moved from Quartzsite to the Yuma Area and beyond. We have had several get togethers around here. A breakfast buffet meeting at the Quechan Casino one morning, and our usual meeting at DaBoyz Italian Restaurant in old Downtown Yuma.

The Marilyn Room, and it was a blast!

I had enough left overs for three days!
Thursday night we were going to have a campfire in the desert at Pilot knob, but the wind was blowing hard so we brought our drinks and appetizers and gathered at Freddie and Delcie's, putting 12 of us in their fifth wheel. Lots of hot air and good stories were swapped there!

Last night we had a Wienie Roast/Campfire at the Rivers Edge RV Resort out in Winterhaven California.

It was a beautiful night. Everybody had a hot dog! Lots of good toppings and Side dishes

Several of the folks at Rivers Edge welcomed us, we have gained more new friends and we really had a great night!

Thanks Joe and Lynda... even thought we had to bid him farewell for a spell, I have a very definite feeling that we will be seeing him this summer in his back yard!
The fire was multicolored after supper....almost mesmerizing.

A chill in the air made it's warmth feel really good. Full tummies and a great RV family! Can't get much better than that!

Today is the final Football Game of the season. I am going to enjoy the commercials. Haven't even picked a team to root for. Resting up though because tomorrow night is another BBQ at Pilot Knob RV Resort at Jeri and Terry's. Around here, one party leads to another...I just need a few minutes to do laundry every once in a while!