Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memory Lane

A 1300 mile trek across the mountains from the West was the latest trip, traveling across the newly planted fields of Corn and wheat in Colorado and Kansas. I was looking forward to some clean air and maybe some rain, minus the tornadic clouds and hail that they had experienced so very early in the season. Well, after a couple weeks in the old hometown, the memories of clean air and soft rain have faded! The wind blows 40 very regularly, and the dirt in the air from all the farm fields remind me a little of the desert! Very little rain.... they are having another hard year. I cant wash the vehicle often enough to keep it clean for just one day!  We have been crazy busy running from one town to another, visiting with kids(my son's bailing rig in photo) and grandkids, attending Pre-School and Kindergarten graduations, birthdays, a first baseball game, all trying to make it back home before dark each time to avoid smacking into the plentiful population of deer in this area. DH has played in a golf tournament and I have taken some pictures, visited with friends and played with plants and flowers. Usually we are gone at this time of the year and I don't get to see the Peony bushes in full bloom but this year I was lucky enough to not only see them but pick two bunches and enjoy their beauty on the table.  We used to use them to decorate the family's graves and this year they bloomed so early that they are all gone and done already.  Another reason for this trip was the fact that it was my 40 year Alumni Banquet on Memorial weekend.  We had 33 people in the class and two are resting in heaven. Out of the remaining 31, only 7 people  attended, and I guess we are the important ones. Our school is not functioning anymore and as the years go on the attendance gets less and less, some day to fade away or merge into the existing school that was consolidated with other towns in this area. Suprised to see some that showed up from far away and amazed that I could recognize and remember everyone's names! Not so true of lots of others in other classes, being able to recognize them but not put a name with their face! I'm so bad.... After a wonderful meal and standing up for our class picture, we headed to one of our local watering holes where my son's band would provide the entertainment for the rest of the evening. Now, mostly for the younger folks, I'm used to them and I never tire of watching Tom play the drums. I got to run around and visit with everybody. Both of my sons were there with me and it was a night right out of the past... my good friends were there. We talked to a lot of folks that we haven't seen in a very long time, and then some that we've kept in touch with. By the end of a very late night, or a very early morning, there was a pretty good crowd. I came home with aching feet and a headache from yelling over the music. Some of the time, feeling like a youngster and the rest, feeling like a chaparone! A good time was had by all. As I'm writing this, my maps are on the counter. Publications ready and I'm planning for our moves in June... very soon we will be "On the Road Again."
It looks to be a very promising and adventurous summer. I'm taking my memories with me once more!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Happy Day After Cinco De Mayo!

I had a whole complete post ready to go yesterday, pushed the wrong button and Poof! It was gone....lesson learned.... again....SAVE! This new format is a little rough getting used to, especially the photo loading. My browser isn't accepted anymore, so have to access it through yet another door. Hence. Updates in my life are coming. We have played tourist here and went "over the hump" to Vegas several times and back at night. Lots of interesting things to see and things to do.We have driven by many interesting houses here in Pahrump that I'm sure have interesting stories! It's nice to be able to drop KayCee at daycare and have the day free. Driving on Sunset we came upon Casa De Shenandoah, Mr. Las Vegas, Wayne Newton's Estate. Beautiful grounds, gates and fences.

 Continuing on down Sunset towards the "Strip" we pass by the McCarren Airport and planes take off and land about every minute.


We started from the south end of the Strip, Valet parked at Excalibur, then started at New York New York, walked north, window shopped, watched people and then took a glass elevator to the 4th floor of the ticket building and had lunch at an Outback Steakhouse. We have several routes around town and are getting more comfortable with the traffic. I think I always will be a city girl, even though I've fought it most of my adult life. No great plans for this week. Just getting closer to the great trek across the states to Nebraska. 1050 miles. Maybe there's more noteworthy stuff between here and there. Another day, Another Adventure!