Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving One and All!

We have so much to be thankful for this year. I don't know where to begin! We have our health and we have our family and friends and they have their health! I'm sincerely grateful that I have a wonderful man and a great German Shorthair to share my life.

We had a great walk yesterday out on our golf course. I am so happy that our weather is wonderful and this fall season in spectacular here in Nebraska.
I'm thankful to have been able to travel many miles this year and to be able to have put my toes in two more major bodies of water.
Thankful for the ability to be wandering from state to state and experiencing all of the local traditions and customs.
Thankful to be going back to the Desert for the winter and the opportunity to make plans for another travel season next summer.

We have made all kinds of new friends along the way, revisited and renewed some cherished friendships from the past. We have been able to participate in favorite old activities and learn a few new ones along the way.I'm especially thankful for the sense of humor when someone is taking pictures of me that I don't want them to!

We have gained some family members and sadly enough have lost a couple too. This time tomorrow we will be cleaning up the bones and diving into the pie! The quality of time we will spend through the day will sustain us until the next gathering.

I just want you all to know that I feel blessed,and thankful...for all of you! Happy Thanksgiving and don't you dare eat too much!hahahaha

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

First Snow of the Season

We woke up this morning to this scene. The weather words were: Cold and Blustery. I found the description to be a little different than that!
Crisp and Serene is more fitting. The ground is covered and it has stopped, but it came down so nicely with no wind that it was truly beautiful as the sun was coming up. I am glad that it waited to do this today instead of yesterday, because it was my day to go to the Nebraska TV station about 45 minutes away and do a cooking segment on the Good Life Show.

I have done this a few times. When I was still working it was good advertisement for my business. Now they have me on for a bit of variety. They have a couple of working chefs that appear, but many folks around here like to have some down home recipes and basic cooking techniques and tips. While mostly I have done taped segments that can be edited before they are aired, yesterday was live tv, and I am not quite as comfortable.

I didn't rehearse and my time was switched to the beginning, but we got through it, and they had calls for my recipes at the end of the show, so I guess it turned out o.k. One of the hosts is a friend of mine, and she thought it was a good time, I'm not so sure! I felt like my brains were scrambled like the eggs! It's amazing how easy they make it look, not so! We have a few friends at that station, and it's always good to see them.

It is truly an inside day for me! I'm going to test out the recipe that I will do for them on the 7th of December. She asked me back for one more visit. I will try to find the link to the segment on their website and share it with you if I can! The snow flakes are falling so quietly. Straight down. Kinda looks like a scene from Currier & Ives. I am getting all of my traveling photos transferred to CDs and soon will have them off of this computer, so I have room for more! Time is ticking away. I have been elected to make the Stuffing for Thanksgiving Dinner. Just a little stuffing....for 45 people!~So next week there's gonna be some bread slingin! around here! It's a good thing I have a program that will convert my amounts - Cause right now I don't wanna know! Hope everyone is stayin nice a cozy warm! My DH is off getting one of my "honey Do's" accomplished. He does much better when I call it his "project" so we'll see how it will end up! I'm sure I will be pleased!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Waiting for a Snow Storm

This afternoon I am taking a break. A break from the kitchen and a break from entertaining. It's been a long ten days! It's a different kind of quiet. Since last Thursday, I have been getting up at 5 am, cooking breakfast, and I have been cooking supper too...By the time I clean up the mess it's 10 pm. This morning, my wonderful hunting Shorthair decided to be sick at 4 am...and so there wasn't anymore sleep after that!

She's tired and sore and needs a break too. I just wish she didn't go out in the field and eat green wheat stalks during the day that upset her stomach! The weather man has been forcasting and threatening us with a major snow and blow for two or three days, and so far it still isn't here.The leaves are still not off of the bushes I planted or all of the trees.

I am so ready, patiently waiting and will be so relieved if it gives up and doesn't arrive at all! Our last group of hunters from Colorado and Arizona left this morning after breakfast. They are headed to DIA to put the one guy on a flight back to Phoenix. I think what storm there is, is out that way and hope they don't have too much of a difficult trip. I got a neat little device the other day that is allowing me to use my little camera again. It's an SD Card reader that downloads pictures on an SD Card with a USB connection. It has been just the ticket for me to get the pictures off my Easy Share. So that was a welcome fix. I happened to see this deer out my back door the other day. I love the fall mornings. They are my favorite. You never know what you'll see on the golf course!
Today I was watching our local information show called "The Good Life" and was asked over the air to come and do an appearance. I have done that in the past, when I was in the Catering Business and a Personal Chef, so now I will need to get busy and create something good to share with everybody. That's after a break. An empty table for a while.
I have a couple of new ideas that I have been working on, and have a special pan ordered for one thing..after I test it out, I may do that. Or I will create something with left overs and either Pheasant or Elk. What ever it turns out to be, it's kinda fun as I have several friends at the TV Station and it's good to see them! Thursday if the weather is good, I will be taking a trip down into Kansas to visit a new Cooking store and a new restaurant for lunch. Friday DH takes my wonderful dog and goes to Colorado hunting with our son and his brother for the weekend. My time for a weekend with a girlfriend, going to another one Whiskey Richard's shows in Kearney NE. Time is going pretty fast. Turkey Day is just around the corner.