Monday, February 23, 2009

Incredible weekend at the Drag Races!

I'm pretty exhausted after going to the races for the past 3 days. Up really early and on the road for about 45 minutes to Chandler. Dropped the fur kids at day care and then back to the track, which is directly across the interstate from where we bought our Coach. We are just fortunate to be here at the time when they have the Arizona Nationals. It the beginning of this year's racing season, so everyone is getting the bugs out and starting out pretty even. We started out in the pits. There aren't words to describe what it feels like to stand in front of a top fuel or funny car in it's tent in the morning, drinkin coffee, when they fire up for fuel test. It vibrates your very core...and the fumes of Nitro fuel burn your eyes! The force will raise ya right off the ground. Ear plugs are your best friend. We got a lot of autographs and pictures with the drivers. They kind of wander around Friday until after lunch because every car must go through Tech Inspection on Friday. I bought a Jacket and a shirt and got the shirt signed by all the drivers that I wanted to get. The weather was absolutely perfect all 3 days. I survived without a sunburn by using plenty of sunscreen and shielded my left side with a long sleeved shirt when we were sitting in the stands. I'm not a big fan of hats, but I have a lightweight lavender billed hat with a neck shield and I swear it was a real lifesaver. We made some new friends Friday night at supper at the Marie Callanders restaurant. Was visiting with some folks that we assumed had just attended the races too, and come to find out, She was a driver of a Sports Class Top fuel Car! Her name is Christy Lamica from Newport Beach California. They invited us out to see their cars and ofcourse, by the time we found where they were parked, they were done and cars were loaded. We had a nice visit, and she took us back behind the fence where all the drivers are interviewed after their races for TV. We missed seeing her drive this week, and she invited us back for this coming week, when they have Sports Class races for them. We will go and be able to get up close to the starting line and learn some more of the inner workings of the race car. She's been racing for 6 years. Her and her husband live in a beach house at Newport Beach, and they invited us to come out and hang out at their place on the beach. Now I have a plan on where to go from here. They will race again at Las Vegas and we will go there too. (I kinda had thought of going to Vegas next) Then head out to Newport beach CA. Watching these races from the stands and on TV is two completely different things! There's advantages and disadvantages to both! It's supposed to be in the 80s today. DH golfing today and I plan on hangin out at the pool this afternoon and we have a pot luck tonight. I have a lot of really good pictures. Will put them on Picasa. is the address for the pics!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sunny Morning!

I'm sitting here this morning watching hot air baloons hovering in the sky. They like to go up at dawn and dusk. This is the first ones I've seen for about a week, but our weather hasn't been good for a day or two. We had a nice rain yesterday seemed to clean the air. I took the day off yesterday and spent the whole day in bed----sick! I contracted a stomach bug and it was really nasty! Glad I'm feeling on the mend this morning since there's only two days until the Drag Races and I can't be I'll just be holding my ya suppose we can luck out and DH won't get it about Friday? At least he tried to wait on me a little bit yesterday....and then went and played pool with friends in the afternoon. I asked what he did all afternoon and he said he played 19 games of pool with Phil...he had to keep playin until he won! We had a busy weekend. Went to an Indian Festival in Casa Grande. Attended their Pow Wow on Sunday afternoon. Was an interesting time, and even had Cherokee from Oklahoma in attendance. Today...President Barack Obama is in Mesa. He is going to be giving a speech from a local school. Traffic reports and the roads are a mess. We go to Mesa and Apache Junction quite a bit to shop, but we wont be going today. It's quite interesting that the Resort that he stayed at last night is in Forclosure....and Arizona has the 3rd largest amount of home Forclosures on the market. Both him and John McCain stayed in the same hotel. John McCain had a party there to kick off his 2010 bid for the Senate. I think I will take it easy yet today. DH went off to the Coffee and Announcements here at the resort. I have missed it the past two weeks. He'll bring me the news and it keeps him busy so I can rest! We saw a drag racing semi go by this morning. That's only the beginning. It's really gonna happen!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Welcome to the Adventure!

Well, here goes! This is a little different format than what I'm used to and it's taking some getting used far it's pretty user friendly. Please bear with me because I will no doubt change and tinker around with the format. Happy President's Day!!! Our new President will be in Phoenix tomorrow night and speaking on Wednesday....yea.....I don't think he'll make any big dents in anything....if he speaks from here or Elkhart Indiana or the moon.....One thing I don't think a lot of people know, is that they focused on the unemployment rate in Elkhart Indiana....and yes it is awful.....but it is the RV Manufacturing Capital of the U.S. The RV industry has and is taking big hits along with other vehicle Manutacturers. I wake up and feel very very fortunate every day that we took our retirement when we did and chose to pursue our new lifestyle, regardless of the condition of the Economy. We're one step down from Full Time RVing, and as any full time Rver will tell you, it costs no more to live this lifestyle than in a sticks and bricks house. You budget and spend as much as your income will allow. The only difference is that you can choose where you live and move around the country. We are a very mobile unit and are enjoying every day. We will travel at least 9 months this year and spend a couple of months at our vacation house so that DH (Dear Husband) can exercise his Testosterone and shoot pheasants. I am going to use this blog to communicate with family and friends and share the events of our lifestyle. Hopefully some of you that cannot travel or choose not to travel will enjoy the stories and pictures of our Adventures. We have been in this lifestyle for almost a year and there's lots of Adventures ahead. One thing I can say, our life is NEVER boring!