Saturday, January 30, 2010

Super Saturday

The weather is great today. Almost as warm outside and it is inside. One of the hot air baloons was up this morning when I got up, but was too far away for pictures this time. The Jump planes were out on their first flights of the day before 8 a.m. so that is an indication that the weather is better. Last night I discovered yet another toy that I want. A propane fueled fire pit. We were invited to a going away party that our friends were having for a lady here in the park with a sick husband. They had it on their RV patio around a fire pit. It's a real fire and still here in the desert it gets chilly at night, so was really nice to sit around it for warmth. I guess you can find them at Home Depot and Lowes,along with a small propane tank to fuel it. It looked like the logs were a kind of ceramic material that held heat, and they were nestled in what looked like a tire rim. I was really impressed with it because it produced no smoke and would be small enough to stow and transport! One of my pet peeves in summer campgrounds for families is smokey campfires! The smoke travels, and not only provides them with amusement, but fills the campers,rigs and clothing around them also, which is no fun! I like a campfire at night, but just don't like the smoke! With this thing, you could even roast marshmallows! DH went to hit some golf balls today and I trekked off to the gym this morning. I woke up with a burning pain on top of my right foot, and hope it doesn't slow me up. It's getting an ice session now. Today was Leg day at the gym and the trainers weren't gentle! If my butt muscles let me walk tomorrow I will be suprised! Tomorrow is a day of rest.... This morning on the way out I had to take a picture of the eye candy that showed up here last night for an over night stay. Someone has a nice Prevost.
Towing a CR-V...The 45 foot rig is older but nice just the same.
We don't see many like this here. I'm still starting to think about downsizing though, trying to resist the urge to start looking! In town, I was looking for a hair salon, and found myself in front of the Casa Grande City is the oldest building in that town, and the very ornate, Spanish design is original and interesting. One of these days we will go see what the inside is like.
I got my hair chopped on and now am home ready to do laundry and other mundane tasks. There was a big wreck just being cleaned up at the Florence exit and the traffic is heavy and snarled today. That will probably deter me from going back into town this afternoon. I have this noticable urge to shop today! I hope it goes away. At least until tomorrow!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away!

A half an inch over night, it's still raining and the flood is on! This time rain is standing in the streets and puddles behind the coach already is not a good sign. The way it looks it will rain most of the day. I thank god that there's no wind this time. Dog outings are a pain. DH even has a rain suit. Won't be going anywhere today, but we've been invited next door to have supper so I won't cook much either.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gettin' Up Early has it's Perks!

Don't usually get up early enough to see the sun rise, but I did this morning. DH had an early tee time and I was busy worrying about my solar panels. So rather than toss and turn, I got up and grabbed the book just in time for DH to tell me he switched the not misfiring after all. I grabbed the camera, jumped in the car and drove out of the park to get past some power lines. These aren't the best pictures.
They really don't do the pink sky justice. One of these days I need to go camera shopping. No big news. Baked banana bread for us and another couple and washed all our bedding today. Still cleaning up red desert sand from the storm. Discovered a two inch pile on the drivers control panel under the window. Started a good book today. Watched the Maintenance Man attempt to clean the pool out. Don't know how deep the mud is on the bottom, he's really got a mess. This park is getting fuller and fuller.
Tells me the economy is loosening up and the RVers are coming out of the slump. I talked to a guy today that bought a unit in Colorado, and he said the C.W. where he was had 16 motorhomes sold and going out this week. There's a little hope.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Arizona Sunsets

Its been a rather quiet Sunday. We haven't really done anything special, but I think alot got accomplished. Watched the movie "The Bucket List" this morning and spent some time vaccuming
and cleaning out the window sills to get rid of all the sand from the sandstorm. Did a load of laundry and took KayCee on several walks, went in to the gym this afternoon. Took a trip to the Dollar General in Arizona City and went to the weekly ice cream social after supper tonight. DH stayed at the clubhouse for th Benjamin Buttons movie, but I thought one movie today was enough. In between things, I've managed to watch most of both Football Championships today. Neither team that I picked's a good thing I don't bet! Guess it will be the New Orleans Saints and the Indiana Colts in the Super Bowl this year. At this point I'm on to NHRA Racing anyway. Test and Tune happened with Funny Cars yesterday up in Phoenix at Firebird Raceway. Seems like the off season was short this year. Time just flew by I guess. That's o.k. with me, I'm ready to get on with it. One thing here that I never get tired of here is the beautiful pink and red sunset.
My pictures never turn out and do them justice, but when I noticed it tonight I tried again. I'm going to have to drive out in the desert one of these evenings and try to get a decent picture. I think I'll wait a few days though, our road into the park is closed today. There's big potholes where the water flooded over the road and now there's a detour, so I think you'd sink getting off the pavement. We finally pulled back in our lot on the rock but it has been extremely soft all over this park. Some units are even sinking their jacks and having to put board under them. i sure hope there won't be any more storms like the last one. It's rather chilly here at night. More moisture forcast for Wednesday. I do have some pretty great side trips planned, but it has to be warmer than this before we go!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Rain, Rainbows and Not Much Wind Today

We survived all that nasty weather last night with everything in tact here, mostly due to pre planning!
We kept the slides in, had some sand infiltrate through the windows, but finally the rain calmed the blowing dust and that helped. We had wind gusts in excess of 50 mph and more I'm sure. At times I thought we were goin' over! Many here were chasing patio furniture and trash cans. I walked around back to check things out early this morning, and sunk down through the rock! Lots of vehicles made big deep ruts just backing out of their spots. DH got in and put it in 4wd and drove right out in the street with no ruts!
Lots of street flooding both inside the park here and on the way out to the freeway, and the back way to Casa Grande.
DH took me in to the gym this morning, and then we picked up some fruit and came home. I didn't sleep very sound last night, fearing more wind and storms.
We were even in a Tornado Watch. Once this afternoon it hailed with the rain. Many tales of damage and destruction up Phoenix way. A little boy was swept away in flood waters.
The house frau spent most of the day yesterday on DH's lap. She's conked out on the couch now wearing her new Pink Camo Hoodie. She's a pretty good girl. We were both nervous last night. Needless to say, we're not doing anything fun....just hanging out watching a lot of tv.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

What a difference a Day Makes

We are in the middle of a full blown dust storm! It was calm this morning, and our wind warnings were for 11:00 a.m.
I almost decided it would miss us, and we were debating on whether or not to put the slides in. DH went up to the clubhouse to take a shower, I made banana bread and decided I'd put the slides in just in case. We decided to go into Casa about 10:45 and go to the show, Avatar. The wind was just barely blowing. When we came out of the show it was awful! I drove the interstate for 2 miles and got off on Jimmie Kerr Blvd. where we started meeting emergency vehicles. I knew I didn't want to stay on I10 any longer with all the trucks. There had been a wreck with a little white car on Toltec Road where we turn to come home. If I would have thought it would be this bad, we wouldn't have gone.
Unfortunately, pets still have to be walked, so going outside can't be avoided for some of us. Lots of units coming off the interstate. The sand is filtering in here even with the shades pulled and I'm gonna have an awful mess to clean up I fear. The vehicles are a total mess. We probably will have caked on mud when this is over. I'm glad I shut the slides, at least the canvas slide toppers and awning are covered. This is waaaay bizzare! Now I wish it would rain a bunch! It's going north of us and Phoenix is really getting rain. For the rest of the afternoon, we just rock and roll and ride it out!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Beautiful Day Today, Bracing for Ugly

Today was a great day in the desert. Up early and took and long walk. Got out and did some chores around the outside.
Fastened the tire covers so that they won't blow away in the stiff winds that are forcast for tomorrow. Swept the patio off and made pizza for lunch. They say 60 mph gusts will start in the morning.
I hope we don't have any problems, we have a full tank of water, so that will add some weight. I got out this afternoon and went in to Casa to the gym, since I probably won't go out tomorrow. Won't make any plans to go anywhere until it straightens up a bit. I sure don't want to get caught in the notorious dust storms that happen around here. So far this winter there have been two with fatalities, one a few miles south of here, and then the really bad one that was on Good Morning America that killed 4 and burnt up some semis. That one was just a couple miles north of here. I 10 is a fast dangerous road all day every day and I can't imagine being on there in blowing dust. You couldn't tell the dust could get bad today however, it was beautiful. Some of our trees are laden down with fruit.
This lemon tree is directly across the street from us. I need to go find the grapefruit tree. Eating that grapefruit today was as good as eating candy! We'll batten down the hatches and ride out the storm tomorrow and maybe friday. Another adventure!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wind and Sprinkles

It was a fairly nice day today after some rain in the night. I made the trip in to the fitness center, walked out with KayCee several times. Almost don't know how to act with either a just a light jacket or shirt sleeves. No more heavy coat! yea. DH wore shorts today. Not nice enough for golf yet though. We're getting some rain and wind from the storms on the west coast. Supposed to have 45 mph gusts after midnight,that means we'll be rockin. Did some mundane tasks this afternoon and think I'll call it a night pretty early. Our potluck last night was really good, lots of variety of things, I made a crock pot of Chicken and wild rice soup. I didn't bring any home, so it went over pretty well. We had a musical family for entertainment. A man and wife and 8 kids, 5 of which played fiddles and piano and sang. Was pretty good. I don't know how they do it...home school and it's more like an organization. They farm in Washington in the summer and travel and do shows in the winter. Reminded me of a family in Branson that did shows. DH brought me a fresh grapefruit off a tree today and I will have that for breakfast tomorrow. We have a coffee to go to in the morning and I'm making home made pizza. Not much other news.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Nice Day

I'm still tired. Still getting things put away and arranged. Went to Coolidge to mail bills and visit Wal Mart. Could have gone to Casa, but it's usually way too busy. Had a good dinner at Evas Mexican Restaurant. Lots of dust in the air around here. Not quite bad enough for a dust storm but close. Tonight we went up to clubhouse, had ice cream and listened to a country band, The Calhoun's. A man and wife from Kansas. Not bad. DH has his first tee time for golf in the morning at 9:30 and I'm going to the gym in Casa. I have lots of boring work to do then. Just rattle around here the rest of the day, make soup for our weekly Pot Luck and take care of our fur kid. They're calling for rain all week, so I doubt that the pool is an option. I may just try to finish a book this week.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Stars Are Bright in Eloy Arizona

What a day! Day two of a lot of miles.Last night we stayed in Truth or Consequences N.M. The scenery today in places looked like something on another planet.
We got here to the Toltec Exit north of Tucson about 4:30, pulled up and let some Spanish guys wash the Coach and Suburban.
We pulled in here clean at least. We still will hand wash and guard, but after the forcasted rain goes away. We saw one of the resident hot air balloons up for a trip this afternoon and the Superstition Mountains are hazy from dust. Many faces here at the Resort are familiar. Some friends fixed us supper, so I didn't have to. That was nice. We got set up in the same spot we were in last year. It's been a long week. We might as well have been traveling by covered wagon as long as it took us to get here! Took some pics today. Will try to get back to normal tomorrow, but now I just need sleep. This may be a two day crash!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Amarillo Texas

We left Kansas behind and drove one hour through Oklahoma arriving in Amarillo Texas at about 6 pm. Only a three hour drive. It was no coincidence. We got our new shocks put on the coach by the great guys at the Central Power Systems and Services, a Detroit Diesel Dealer in Liberal KS. They were so good and so efficient. The folks that have helped us with our problems this week have been great! I will be passing this info along to Nick Russell and all of my RVing friends. While we were getting the work done, I ventured back into town and visited a couple of things that Liberal is noted for.
The Travel Information Center and Dorothy's House, the Mid America Airplane Museum and the home of the International Pancake Day.
Having a tour guide alll to myself was fun. She was very knowlegable and fun on the tour. The museum building with they story of the Wizard of Oz was very fun! This different from the tour in Wamego KS that we took last fall. Liberal also celebrates OZtoberfest in the fall. I had a nice visit with the lady at the Visitor's Center and found the nicest Embroidered Kansas Pheasant shirt I have ever seen. They didn't have the size I need for a gift for DH (shhhhhh) I'm ordering one for him before his Kansas high school reunion in May! We kinda run out of time to tour the Air Museum and the Pancake Headquarters wasn't open, but we got a couple of pictures.
Pancake day is always ran on "Fat Tuesday" before lent. It started in 1950 and is an International Day because the race is ran both in Liberal Kansas and Olney England promptly at 11:55 am in both communities. It was a challenge to Reverend Ronald Collins, Vicar of Olney to see who could run the 415 yard course the fastest. The race is open only to adult women who perform "Housewife Duties" Runners are still required to wear a skirt and apron and run while carrying a skillet and a pancake. The pancake must be flipped at the start and the finish to show it is still there.International Pancake Day has been expanded to a 4 day festival with a little something for everyone in the fun department. Most events are sponsored by local civic organizations. This is a very unique thing to Identify a town with, sounds like a fun event and we hope it continues forever. This stopover was just a reminder that every community has interesting features, if ya just take the time to search them out! Our meal here at the Big Texas Steak House was just that. Everything is Texas sized.
I think it was the best steak I've ever had, and I've had a lot! I brought 1/2 of my whole meal home so I can experience it again!lol
After the week we've had, and the fact that their Texas Sized Parking lot was going to be our home for the night, DH decided to try one of their Texas Sized Blue Moon beers. I celebrated with a Texas Size piece of Carrot Cake!(I think I made the better choice!)
I have leftovers of that too, and I shared! We got to watch a young Gent from Deerborn Mich. take the 72 oz. Steak Challenge.The deal is, they serve you 4 1/2 lbs of steak, a salad, a baked potato and 3 fantail shrimp. If you eat the whole thing, it's free. Otherwise it's $50! H
e made it, but was miserable. I wouldn't think that would be worth it. We browsed their gift shop, watched their live "Diamondback Rattler" in an aquarium in the back, and then decided to call it a night, I slept like a baby!
Will go for a walk this morning before we take off.We were very comfortable out by the Horse hotel.
I hope we'll just have a travel day today, crossing into New Mexico and heading south past Albuquergue. Check back here, I will add more pics. We're getting ready to blast off!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A New Day..

Thursday is a new day. The sun is shining and the wind's not blowing. I can go out without a coat. DH is washing my rugs that have gotten grimy and I have a better outlook today.
One of the rules of the RVer is that all plans are written in Jello. Bearing that in mind, we have decided that if we get out of here at a halfway decent time this afternoon, we will continue on down the road to Amarillo Texas and have dinner at the famous "The Big Texan" steak house. Followed up by another night of boondocking before heading west on I40. Not that far out of the way, and we really have blown this week anyway. While they are putting the shocks on today, I think I will venture down to the Visitors Center and take a look at Dorothy's house, of Wizard of Oz Fame. Had a great night here.
Off the road but a little train noise. Not obnoxious. Great farm country, but goathead stickers are bad and KayCee didn't like it. If she were to run around again, she would have to have her rubber boots and DH won't want to take the time to do that. She really is being a good girl and readapting to this traveling.This is what she does when DH vaacums, she hates the vaacum! She still gets pretty nerved up and pants and drools, until I put her over behind my seat so she can't see out, then she settles down in her bed. I hope everyone has a great day today. There will be something good to look forward to I'm sure. It's gonna be an expensive one for us!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sittin in the Land of OZ..

This week has taken a down hill slide! Here we sit in Liberal KS. This lifestyle is not all roses. Kinda Stressful and more Whine than Roses. We have had two nights of boondocking, which in itself wasn't bad. We're at a campground tonight, needed a real long hot shower to take care of the nerves. Had the hopes today to get a bunch of miles under our belts. New tires and all.
Then the valve stems in the tires on the Suburban gave out. So we stopped before lunch at WalMart in Garden City and had 3 more replaced. Off we went. 30 miles down the road, horrible noise on the right rear by the wheel. Didn't know what it was but it sounded REAllY bad. Found problem. Shocks are shot. Knew they were getting bad and was replacing at the Rally in Yuma in March. Didn't make it. Had a 4 establishment run around in Liberal Ks. Nobody had em, no body wanted to work on it, nobody the Detroit Diesel shop, they were searching for shocks. I got on the phone and am having 4 overnighted from Grants Pass ORE. They will be here at noon tomorrow. Very expensive. If we don't have anything else happen, it will be a $5,000 1200 mile trip. Kinda bummed. I won't set any goals for tomorrow. I did that for today and we didn't get very far! Again. This is a nice stopover campground. We will need to boondock a lot of nights to make up for this.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Not Getting Very Far

We have only made it 175 miles in two days! This is the view that we woke up to this morning, after a very comfortable night. We are boondocking again tonight. This time in a T/A Truck Stop. We had a very good day in Goodland while we waited for our work to be done. They said the new tires and work on the coach would take a couple of hours, but we went in this morning at 8 and left about 3:45 this afternoon. We got down the road 30 miles and the pressure pro alarm told us that we had a low tire on the Suburban! That little gadget saved us from a disaster today and more than paid for itself. One thing I think every RVer needs if they tow a vehicle. We were turning south at Oakley so we pulled in here at the T/A and had the tire fixed and called it a night. While we were waiting today, we did a lot of exploring. We went to the cemetary and walked and drove around before it got muddy. It was a nice enough morning, we took our time and looked at some of the beautiful headstones that people have. Even my cousin's are very detailed and beautiful. Stopped at the post office and mailed a package to my son. I had some hunting pictures framed and matted for a keepsake for him from this year's hunting visit. Had lunch at Gambino's Pizza Place. Comparable to Valentino's in NE. DH visited a Gun Shop and I took in a Meat Shop that had their ad on the radio when we were coming into town. They were selling Buffalo Chili, so I got that and we had it for supper. Their beef looked really good, so I got some, as we don't get the good ole beef we're used to down there. As we drove around I spotted this huge painting on a huge easel, so decided to stop and get the particulars of this display. Very interesting! This is the Goodland Rotary International Centennial Project. They celebrated their Centennial in 2005. DH was a Rotary Member for years, and he participated in our Centennial Project for our town. It was flowers and benches to improve a little plot of ground on our Main Street in the Business District. This Large VanGogh Reproduction is visable from I 70 on the south. They developed a series of walkways around this huge 80 ft. easel. A Reproduction Artist from Canada, Cameron Cross, painted this 24X32 foot painting, one of only seven in the world. All of the pathways were created in 2002. The bricks were from the streets of Goodland and were manufactured and laid in the '20s, which makes them over 80 years old. DH signed the visitor's registry and it was a nice morning to discover something different! McB's Motors is right across the street from a Museum and I ran out of time before I got to explore there.
I would like to see the story on America's First Helicopter! Maybe next visit. I know there will be one. This town belongs in my Family History. I have many fond childhood memories of time spent there at my favorite Uncle's and now most all of them are gone or at the Cemetary! Again tonight, we're safe and warm. I hope we get a long ways tomorrow. I'm ready to be there!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Bad Monday

Not too much has been good today. We are having a new experience tonight. We are Boondocking at the WalMart in Goodland Kansas!I'm a liitle nervous, but after the Monday from Hell...I'm just about numb. Had a plan that DH was going to fire up the coach this morning and head down hwy 24 and from Limon on I70 east to Goodland to get the new tires. I had an appt. at Penrad Radiology and (routine screen mammo) and after that I was going to drive to Goodland seperately. We found that the dash had no power! No radio or plugs...after DH exausted all his searches and ideas...time was drawing near, so I left. He called a Mobile repair and the guy showed up, reset a switch, charged us 175.00 and left. I was done by then so waited and he showed up, we hooked up the car at Big R and away we went. Very late. Didn't get into Goodland til almost 5 and they can't get to it til morning! No campgrounds open. So here we are. We haven't filled tanks so am roughing it with gallons. :( Not the worst. Genset is working like a champ. Dan went in and asked permission. There are a couple of semis here also. I went shopping for some snacks. We ate supper uptown. Had to drive by the cousin's house. I may visit Aunts Uncles and Cousins and Brook Berringer (Nebraska Football Player that was going to marry my cousin but died in a plane crash with my favorite male cousin several years ago) at cemetary tomorrow if not too muddy. It's supposed to be down to 18 tonight. We'll see how this goes. We need to make up about $175 dollars in Camp fees, so we may do this all the way to AZ! Better go and look up another WalMart! I only hope today isn't an indication of the whole week. I shouldn't have got up! Oh yeah, mammo hurt like the dickens too.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Out of the Deep Freeze!

When we left Oxford yesterday morning, it was -18 degrees. We about froze just loading the car. As we gradually made our way west, the temp. rose about 20 degrees in the first 100 miles. We arrived in Co. Springs about 3:00 and it was 45 degrees!The first sight of Pikes Peak in the distance when I top the hill outside of Limon always makes me smile. Not nearly as much snow out here. The second thing that made me smile, was running the vehicles through the car wash! Everyone in Falcon had the same idea, but at least now I can see what color they are. My little 'Roo got put away for this season, and I always like to put her away clean. The coach was sitting outside the storage building smiling at us and purring like a kitten. The Aqua Hot Hydronic Heating System fired right up and has kept us toasty warm, even at 21 degrees last night. We are at the KOA in Fountain Colorado,our usual spot when we pass through here or visit the kids. There's quite a few coaches and
5vers here that are permanent this winter. I can't imagine staying here for the whole winter and try to have unfrozen water! We aren't filling our fresh tank until we get a whole lot farther south, we used RV Antifreeze in the Black and grey to save the traps. I'm not used to the noises of being in a different place yet. Not far off Interstate 25, you hear the traffic a little, but the big thing last night was the M1A1 Tanks having practice drills and firing the big guns not far from here and shakin the coach! I had gone to bed and when the ground shook it brought me right back up! Haven't heard that or felt that in a long time! I could've sworn we were having a 5.0 earthquake!lol There's some big time cleaning to do inside and out when we arrive in the desert. We ran around today in light jackets and the DS took us to a new BBQ place for lunch. "Bird Dog BBQ." Was as good as Famous Daves. We got to tour his Feed store, which is located at a horse barn on an acreage. There's an indoor riding arena and lots of folks were there this afternoon riding and roping at the outdoor arena. They also Board horses, so he keeps mighty busy. Seems to like his business and enjoys the horses. (Sorry, no pictures this time, but I'll get some one of these trips) He has been wanting to work in Farm and Ranch Management since he was a member of the Mounted Color Guard at Fort Carson, and is doing quite well. We'll hope that continues, this area by the Black Forest has lots of horses and livestock owners. His store is located at an established Barn owned by a relative of his first Tank Commander in Iraq. They are still really good friends.

It took me quite a while to unpack all the stuff I brought back to the coach. I gathered up a bunch of stuff and made a delivery to Good Will this morning. So did my good deed for the day and lightened our load a bit. We took a turn through WalMart this afternoon and picked up a few things to get us down the road. Another chapter tomorrow. Betsy gets new shoes!(tires) Stay tuned! I'm lots happier warm :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Brrrrrrrr! Ccccccooooollllld!

-2 Degrees and -26 windchill this morning. DH is not hunting today. DH is in his chair with his favorite lap dog watching an old movie. I'm doing more prep and looking forward to AZ and California. The sun is shining and that is a plus, but very deceiving for the temperature. The wind is steady and has been since yesterday afternoon. I'm a slave to the house. Not going to stick my nose out farther than the screen door to let the house frau out. She doesn't mess around any, no worries that she will run off. It's a good thing that I have this computer, I won't get too bored. I'm back to 48 hour countdown. We should be on the road in just a little under 48 hours now. Hope there's no more delays! I now have an

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Deep Freeze

We drove in fog so thick you couldn't see past your nose last night.
Went and told the girls and families good bye.
The twins are really growing and those kids have their work cut out for them. They both have very spcial personalities and we will look forward to seeing them on our next trip.
We had supper with the older Grandkids at Pizza Hut. School started for them yesterday in this new year.
They had a big vacation to Minnesota and we had to hear all about their ice fishing adventures, driving the vehicle out onto a lake. I love to fish, and I love fresh Walleye, but that experience I have no desire to partake in! Ah, to be young. Today is the day when the storm is forcast to come in. The trees ar thick with ice this morning, and the wind has started to blow. They predict about 30 mph. Stil 25 degrees and that's suppose to fall drastically this afternoon.
My DH is a little touched in the head, as he just HAD to go out for a short hunt this morning. A good book and catching up on online shopping sounds better to me! Snow is falling gentle and lightly, the fog has lifted and the view is beautiful. O.K. I've seen it and I'm ready to look at the desert for a while. On to my Soup and a good book!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Weather Delay

We are all packed. I have spent days getting our house in order and ready to hit the trail. The alarm was set for 6 a.m. and I have been watching the weatherunderground maps. I'll bet I didn't sleep 4 hours last night, but about 5:30 I finally got up and looked at the maps for the final time before making the decision that we would be better off not to go now. Up close you can see the ice crystals formed on my wrought iron deck railing. Remembering that we are retired and don't have a time schedule to be anywhere, and the fact that the coach is in a heated place helped. Since we didn't winterize Betsy, taking her out in sub zero wind chills and sitting in below freezing campgrounds just doesn't sound like a good time to me. I rescheduled my appointment in Co Spgs. for Monday and Dan will head to Goodland on Monday to get in the shop for new tires. I will catch up with him when I'm finished. Saturday it's supposed to be in the 40s in Colorado, so we can get our vehicles cleaned up and get everything put away. A little shopping and lows of 20s are doable, moreso than below zero! We will hang out here until Saturday, mostly inside because it's bitterly cold. I went down and got supplies and I got a bit of cooking done for the week and the delay will make me do more laundry and Cleaning now before we leave.