Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Process has begun

This is our last day here at Branson. The past month has been a real joy, minus all the rain.
We went to our last show yesterday. "Six" is a musical featuring six tenors without any instrumentals or band. Just the six brothers and they perform the whole show without support. It was really good. They are six out of 10 children, all boys in the family. I suppose the oldest around 40. They all have wives and children, making for a huge family! They showed a slide show honoring their mother, who passed away from cancer in 1992. Then ofcourse it ended with a military tribute.Check out this link to their website and they have a youtube video. We finished up our last round of shopping and I broke down and bought a Wii. I needed something to do while DH goes hunting this fall. I think he thought this the better of two evils....I could just shop! I'm totally thinking I will become addicted so it may stay in the box a little longer. Besides that, we have started the waxing process on the outside of the coach, and should finish that up today. It's 49 degrees this morning.
It started dropping like a rock last night and the blankets came out. I'm going to wait to go outside til it's at least 60 today to start polishing. It won't take long for me to clean inside and secure everything to roll. I have planned just short jaunts, due to the fact that the weather is changing again and we may have wind and rain. If that happens, we won't go, it's just that simple. The last move in a wind storm cost us almost $1000.00 in repairs and I'm not prepared to do that again. The leaves from all the oak trees around here are falling rapidly and taking on their golds and browns. I sure don't like cold and am not looking forward to the coming few months.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Company Comes and Company Goes

And a good time was had by all!SIL and I went shopping yesterday and looked at all the crafts that we could in six hours! I made a few last purchases that I had saved back for the trip to the mall when she was here. We had tickets to Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede and they told us to be there by 4:00 p.m. so it was a short day of shopping.
At the beginning you walk along the stables and look at all the horses that will be in the show later. This is more of an experience and adventure than just another show with livestock!
They start you out in an auditorium with an entertainer and comedian while you have a drink up in an arena!
Don't let the picture fool ya. It's not like it used to be, they don't serve alcoholic beverages there! They then announce seating and they take you into the main arena, where you are seated around in tiers and rows with a tray in front of you for a table. Kinda like a trough! Did I mention that they don't give you any silverware? Well they don't! It's a four course meal, drinks first, then soup in a bowl with a handle and a biscuit. Then a whole Rotisserie Chicken, a piece of BBQ Pork Tenderloin. Half a baked potato, piece of corn on the cob and apple turnover for dessert! Coffee after that. WOW....we took a lot home and I just finished deboning the rest of the chickens and with that I'm making soup today. The show was pretty amazing.
No pictures allowed from the arena during the show, so y'all need to go and experience it. There's a true story behind the Dixie Stampede and if you double click the placque you should be able to read about it.

As usual, Dolly came up on a screen in the end and they did a tribute to military and the United States. Very impressive all in all and an interactive fun show. Beautiful costumes and the horses were awesome. It was over by 7 p.m. and we took a rest until 9 then went to the Moon River Grill and watched Cody and Barbara sing for a while. While we were there Bill Medley of Rightous Brother's,(he co-wrote the Dirty Dancing song "The time of my life") and Paul Revere, of Paul Revere and the Raiders (all decked out in finery and feathered hat) came in after their show was over, and they were having fun with the patrons. Brings back fond memories of the past for me. They were still there when we left. As luck would have it I left my camera at home and I was too chicken to go ask for a picture with my cell phone. At 69 and 71 years old, they were havin a ball with a table full of 6 young women! They don't take very good pics in a darker room anyway. I just had a feeling last night that we would see somebody famous before we left. While we were there I looked out the window and a possum walked right up the sidewalk to the front door! Made me remember how far down in the hills we really are! Glad it wasn't a skunk. The atmosphere was lots more formal, mellow, upper class piano bar and bistro. DH likes their Cherry Cobbler. Not nearly as fun as the night before downtown on the patio of Chesterfields. Today we got up late and had brunch at Cracker Barrel (SIL's favorite restaurant because of Blueberry Pancakes) I like them too! Took us 20 minutes today to get across town to the main highway, we led her back out of town. Now I am washing linen and getting ready to watch my Sunday night premiere shows on TV. After the busy weekend I need a rest. It was very fun.

Friday, September 25, 2009

A Wild Busy Day!

We started the day at IHop for pancakes. Went to the Harvest Festival at Silver Dollar City.
They were honoring Cow Girl Chicks. We watched some pretty good shows there. Walked a lot. DH rode a roller coaster.
The fall colors and decorations were pretty awesome, lots of crafters and stuff for sale.It reminded me of Renaissance Festival with a country flair! Came away with all of my wallet. One crafter was making Indian Masks...painting them in the colors of the different tribes, and decorating with leather and feathers. I could have brought one of those home, but resisted the urge. Took lots of pictures and enjoyed the Cow Girl Chicks that trick ride.
They are representing the USA in the World Trick Competition comeing up in Sweden. We went to the Fall Creek Restaurant for supper. They throwed rolls at us across the room. Was alright.
We ended the day down at Branson Landing on the banks of Lake Tanneycomo. We enjoyed the evening out on the patio of one of the taverns. Listened to a live band and watched fireworks. Too much fun. I'm exhausted. Tomorrow we do some power shopping and go to Dixie Stampede in the afternoon.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Baldknobbers Jamboree Show

We went to the Baldknobbers show last night. The Baldknobbers are one of the oldest entertainment shows in Branson. They are celebrating their 50th anniversary this year. Most of the cast have the last name of Mabe yet today. The family originated in Nevada Mo. when 4 Mabe Brothers started bringing their act to Branson for special occasions. The family legacy continues with a variety of country music and hilarious comedy. The theater is located in the center of the Theater District on the famed Country 76 and seats 1500 people. There were several tour buses of people attending, and all together I suppose maybe 1000 people. It was a very good value show, lasting about 2 hours and ending with a tribute to the Military and USA. Once again we sat by a couple that farms South East of Grand Island NE. It took us a little longer to get home from that location. All the shows on 76 get out about the same time, and the traffic was really slow. Glad we didn't have to travel very far. Patience is the key! I'm Watching the weather on my Denver Channel this morning, and it's 34 between Denver and the Springs. They're saying it should be in the 70s again by the weekend so that's a good thing. Glad we're not in Georgia, they've had 20 inches of rain in the past few days. Another overcast day here it looks like. You don't need a coat yet!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wait a little longer

Was going to blog tonight. Went to Baldknobbers tonight. Was pretty funny. Traffic jam on 76 took a while to get home. I have a dog telling me to go to bed...yeah I know, I'm the adult. So this will have to wait til the morning. She gets what she wants again!!! Night now.....

Monday, September 21, 2009

Raining Puppies and Kitties

A busy day. Started the day partly cloudy, did see the sun a while this morning. Did laundry here and went for a flu shot before we attended a Variety Show this afternoon. I've been very impressed by the fact that every show so far has had a tribute number or some kind of salute to our military, both Veterans and current Active Duty Soldiers. That's nice. It still is a small world. We sat by a couple from Grand Island NE. Was going to another tonight, but after tracking a storm all day coming down from the north, I decided that we better stay home and forgo running around in the rain. And rain it is! I hope we don't float away. We're in Flash Flood watch until tomorrow. Hasn't dropped below 65 at least. In Colorado today it started snowing and dropped a couple inches by this afternoon. 38 degrees and not much warmer the rest of the week. I'm not ready for that! They said Pikes Peak is white below the tree line. That's usually a lot of snow! It's only the last day of summer. I got my flu shot this morning. So far so good. No reaction. We'll see by morning. When we got home tonight, we had new neighbors....from Golden Colorado. Talked to him for a bit. Seems nice. They drove through a driving rain across Kansas and down from Kansas City this afternoon. He was pretty tired. Said it really rained and wasn't fun. We don't have any more appointments until tomorrow night. Another show. I'm getting tired of the rain now.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Morning and it's Dry

Not much news from yesterday. Nebraska lost their football game by one point! Disappointing. It rained all day and most of the night. It's not raining now, but who knows how long that'll last. We are going out and about today for a while and then I need to get out and work on the windows AGAIN and start the streak removal from the body. We lost our Hillbilly neighbors yesterday and he took the motorcycle with him. Yea!!! Another rig is pulling out this morning, so that just leaves two rigs back here now. We still have 10 days or so here. With that perspective, we will get busy and see some shows and go to some places that we've been putting off, so may get busier. We didn't go out last night it was so drippy. Hope today is better.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Sky Opened Up Again This Morning!

It's raining so hard I can barely see up to the end of our row! However, I am sitting here watching the guy at the end of our row hook up his fiver to a Tractor (semi)hauler. Then they will hook up their little red buick behind that! What on earth is so important to head out of here with a rig that long, in a driving rain? They've been here all week and have hardly left their rig, so can't figure why a few more minutes would make a difference. He's gonna be soaked the way it is! Some people just amaze me! This is not just a small rain, it's a frog drowner! I was glad to have KayCee's rain coat and boots this morning! We won't be doing any outside stuff today, and there's a certain ball game on this afternoon that I think we'll watch. GO BIG RED!!!! We play Virginia Tech. It's a Nebraska habit...and yes...I'm one of those. Tonight we will go to the Andy Williams Grill for a late sandwich and to watch Cody and Barbara play and sing. Haven't seen Cody running around here on his golf cart this morning! Have a great Saturday.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Shopping and Sights

Somebody's got to do it! Before we left this morning we took the time to wash windows and give KayCee her bath.
She had to model her new rain coat, but there wasn't a need for that today, the sun finally came out and we had a nice day. For the past two days we've been running here and there shopping in several craft and antique malls.
There's something for every interest and my interest right now seems to be clothes and bling! I have a particular knife that I need to get yet and need to check out some shoes. Shifted the
focus today and drove south out of Branson and then back around Table Rock Lake. Got some pretty good picks at a Marina and while going down the road. I drove today and turned DH loose with the camera. He even followed me into the grocery store with it! Some days........moving right along. Tomorrow is another day. Praying for no rain once more. There's definitely a change in the air and some colors coming on the trees. Some are losing leaves. Fall is definitely close! The rest of the pics are on picasa at

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Petco...where the pets go!

Watched it drizzle and rain again all morning. Got another inch last night. We've seen more rain here than we have had for two years! I just carry an umbrella everywhere. We loaded up and went to Petco. KayCee likes to shop too. Her tail just goes nonstop when we go into a pet store. We got her a yellow raincoat today! Now she has boots and a coat. Lots better than walking her outside and having a wet dog smell coming back in! We also got some good smelling shampoo and her halloween costume! She went back to the car to rest. DH went to the Home Depot after some water filters and I went next door to the book store. Grabbed a cup of coffee and browsed. Too many books, too little time. I collect Cook Books and that place would be dangerous if I were here all the time! Took a trip through Best Buys and looked at TVs. We are in the market for a new set up in our Sticks n Bricks. Asked the difference between LCD and Plasma, and didn't really get one. No decisions, just looked and decided we needed to measure. I spent some time getting a bag ready for Good Will. That's the deal in a coach. If ya buy something new, you have to get rid of something. I am trying to do that. Just one more thing on the list of things to do in Co. Springs. We are going to get up and go to the Branson Craft Mall in the morning. It's right up the street from us. There's a man that does all kinds of wood working and is supposed to be very fun to watch. Every fall I would try to go to a huge craft fair called Apple Fest. This year I declare tomorrow "Craft Day!"

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dreary Tuesday? Whadya do???

Go Shopping! It rained all day! Sometimes Buckets. Not a good day to hit the road, so decided to stay in town. There was yet another mall to go to and one needs exercise. Load the dog up and go to one mall for a haircut, they had a live Elvis show going on in the middle. Went to the other Outlet Mall and shopped all afternoon. Now I have my fall wardrobe. Stimulate the economy that's what I say! Came home and put stuff away and fed the dog. Changed clothes and thought maybe the rain would let up, no luck with that, up with the umbrella and out for dinner we went. "Montana Mikes". I'm actually tired tonight. No pictures, couldn't shoot between raindrops!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Miscellaneous Saturday

Just thoughts, no pictures. Tired of being cooped up. DH still hacking away and in bed. Note to self. No WalMart on Saturday ever again. Did get some stuff and baked a Kick a-- Blackberry Cobbler. Never mind that I feel like eating Macaroni and Cheese out of a can....ready to choke the guy next door. Wonder if he'd get it if I walk over and kick the kickstand right out from under that Harley! Tired of it at 6:40 every morning. Has no job/ ergo/ no money but still can buy beer and cigarettes. How is that possible? Went out for another walk with KayCee. She got to see one of her friends. The Alaska Lab. Been here long enough to get friendly with the Redhead Express family. They're from Alaska, and do a Bluegrass show X2 a week. Dueling TVs is driving me crazy. Someone needs a Belltone for Christmas. Tried to sleep on this couch bed last night. OMG....made it to midnight. Horrid. Can't expect anyone could sleep there. So I'll probably get Rhino virus next. Been walking around with the Clorox Disinfecting wipes going after everything. Hand Sanitizer til my hands are cracking, haven't had that since I cooked professionally. Sprayed with Lysol til we couldn't breathe. Am I crabby today? Cloudy weather..wish it would just rain and get it over with. Christy called me with a picture of the beach today. Sunny and beautiful blue water. I may cry. I may go out there in October. Tomorrow will be a better day. I will make Chocolate Chip Cookies from scratch.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering....among other things

This morning I got up early and put our flag out. To honor the heroes and remember the victims and their families. I will never forget where I was 8 years ago when the horrible attack on our country happened. I was alone in a hotel suite watching the horrible events unfold on tv. Away from my husband and away from my boys. As the events of that day unfolded to us all, I felt so helpless and all I wanted to do was hug my family and have them close. That day has forever changed us all. Maybe a wake up call, but our country as a whole will never be the same, safe, trustful place again. Do I feel safer? No. And they walk among us always. At any time we could have another attack and we hope and pray that it never happens. My son and many others went to war in a foreign country because of the events of that fateful day. We still haven't caught the mastermind behind that dreadful plan and even if we do, there's lots of evil ones standing in line to take his place. May all of those brave people that lost their lives that day rest in peace and God Bless those that remain behind and continue their memory.

The rest of this day will be uneventful for the three of us. DH is resting and trying to get over his cold. KayCee is napping on the couch and I will get some reading done. Very low key Friday.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sick and Tired..

That pretty well describes the Brown's at the present. DH is miserable with a cold, I think he's worse today. I had a pain free day yesterday and slept last night, only to wake up today with the same old nagging pain back in my neck and left arm. We woke up to fog this morning, and it finally burnt off to overcast. No more rain today, just gloom. This is the ho-hum in the life of the traveler's. We've reached a point in this season that we're not pressed to tour anything, the shows here can be seen at any time this month, so there's no real hurry to get out and do things. Lots of shopping here, but at have reached a point that we really don't need anything. The walking and exercise and getting acquainted in the different streets and facilities is the focus of this stop. I'm fascinated about how hilly and curvy this city is, and it appears as if they just went around and picked a spot, cleared some trees and inserted things, like parks, condos and local businesses. All of the tourist things are readily available and easy to get to, but the other is a different matter! They're pretty well hidden. We went to the Cinema early this afternoon and got to see "Julie and Julia" A really good show, devoid of blood, gore and only a few swear words. Refreshing for sure. Some of the shows coming up I won't be seeing for fear they will give me nightly nightmares. On the return we picked up our mail and I spent a couple of hours with bills and filing. Got a few monthly publications and so I have some reading to do now. Saw a sign today about flu shots being available at Walgreen's up on the corner, and as soon as we're safely over the crud we will both be getting those. Please everybody do this. Make sure all the kids get them. It's really important now. Last year we waited and got them in Colorado Springs and DH got sick the next day. They say you can't get sick from the shot, but I would swear that was what happened. I was stressed because we were supposed to leave that day, and we couldn't. This year we'll not have an agenda for a few days! Took my camera today and didn't see anything worth shooting, so will try again tomorrow. Hopefully we will go to the old Outlet Mall and look around a bit. Went to a little Italian Eatery for supper last night, and tonight I cooked. Now it's time for my nightly fight with KayCee. She wants me to go to bed and I want to stay up! If I give up, then she wants to come back out here and make Dad go to bed. Some days I think she's more than a dog!

Monday, September 7, 2009

End of Summer

Yep. It's the unofficial end of summer 2009. Where did it go? Last I knew we were in California and the rest is a blur! To finish up this holiday weekend we stayed home! KayCee and I went for a long walk this morning and the traffic on the highway in front was bumper to bumper. DH is under the weather today. He picked up the bug I had. I am actually feeling a little better today, outside of the pain in my neck and arm, which I will address tomorrow with the Chiro. We lost a lot of residents today. Lots of folks went home. Our back row is back to quiet, outside of acquiring a small pull type trailer and two Louisana Red Neck Bikers for neighbors! At this time they have a pick up, a four wheeler, a jeep and a Harley parked in their slot in front of the trailer. The sad part is, I think they'll be here for the duration. I said that I use this media for a vent on occasion and today is the day. A pet peeve - RVers with dogs that walk them and don't pick up after them! We have that happen regularly and I'm going to start handing out poop bags! We go to Dollar Tree and buy boxes of 40 for a dollar and it's only right to pick up after your dogs. We always pick up after KayCee, but one of our neighbors this weekend had a little Yorkie and she would walk him down here across from our coach and he would leave a present and she wouldn't pick it up! Most places have it right in the rules...well, I had enough so I saw her coming and leashed up KayCee and out we went. She very quickly turned around and headed back to her area! I said "Oh My KayCee! There's a snack!" They left around noon today. Thankfully. It's those who make it hard on us pet owners, so please be considerate and if they poop - you scoop! I feel better. I'm going to go try to do another mile. It may kill me off, it's still pretty hot.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

People on the Move

We were awakened early this morning by our neighbors on both sides moving out. It rained on and off all night. DH remembered the rain gauge, and it said 1.5". The weather radio went off in the middle of the night with flood warnings for this county, but I didn't recognize the road names, so don't think it was around here. More folks moved in here late this morning. I haven't been out much. Still feeling crappy. The guys all congregate around on their walks. A lot of the world's problems get
mulled over and discussed in some of these gatherings. Just a little community. The guy driving the golf cart is the singer for a music group here in Branson and he also works here. His wife plays piano for Andy Williams. It has been quiet here today, even with everybody moving about. The jury is still out whether I go out tonight. We probably at least will go make an appearance and listen to them for a bit. Not too many spaces here now. This place must be pretty popular!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Work Goes On

I'm not completely better. Have gained another issue, hoarse trying to fend off a cold. Still not well from pinched nerve, but a little better. Unfortunately our Refrigerator isn't frost free, so needs to be defrosted about every month. Thank you DH!
He always does that chore. I have done something this morning. Got a pot roast ready in the slow cooker so we will have supper. Last night we went to a show. It was The Mike Walker Show,an imitator of lots of country artists. It was at the God and Country Theatre, so had a couple of Tributes to Veterans and the Troops, and some Gospel music. He was born in 1995 so I was amazed how good he imitated folks being dead before he was born. He had always been infatuated with Elvis and worked at Graceland for 12 years. It was a pretty good show and all we had to do was donate some non perishable food. Tomorrow night we will go for dinner at the Andy Williams Grill. His piano player stays here and one of our camp rangers is a musician and they will be playing there from 9 - 11 so will try to check that out. In the meantime, this place has gotten busier in the face of the Labor Day weekend. We now have neighbors on both sides and in back. All older so not partiers or kids. The traffic has increased as well, so will probably stick kinda close to home. I no doubt have another trip to the Chiro to make, but will wait til next week. If he doesn't get it done then, I am headed to M.D.
In the meantime, I'm pounding down the zinc and Vitamin C. It's not getting me down if I can help it. I'm getting pretty tired of not feeling good. DH has started the routine of walking several miles a day to get in better shape for hunting season. I want to be out there too! :(

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bump in the Road

It's been raining since 3 o'clock this morning here. I was awake so knew when it started. You know that pain in the neck I mentioned a while back? Well it grew to immense proportions, and is not getting better. Danny reminded me that when we were in Marshfield, our airbags left the step way up in the air, and I stepped out forward, way too far down was that first step, and while I didn't fall because he caught me, the Chiropractor thinks I jammed my neck and ribs. A muscle running down my arm is pushing on a nerve in my left arm and feels like a hot knife being stabbed in my upper arm. A pinched nerve no doubt! No relief. I have gone to Chiro twice and hurt really bad again today. Not much fun here, and I'm getting nothing done. DH keeps wanting to drug me with Flexeril and send me to bed, but I can't stand that drugged feeling so I hold ice on it and take Tylenol. I will give this guy one more chance to turn this around and then I am headed for an M.D. DH has been offered a position on a pit crew to race the Baja in California down in Mexico with a Vintage Pick up. It's 2 weeks away and I don't think we'll be able to make it. We have company coming here with reservations and it's too late to ask them to change. Would be rather rude not to be here! It would have been lots of fun to be on the beach again and to see our good friends, but don't think it's gonna happen this year.