Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tucson in the Spring

Making it into Tucson on Sunday was a great relief and smart idea, since Mother Nature decided to cut loose with an angry plan, unleashing horrible wind and cool temps on Monday. The wind and dust was for about 24 hours. Sleeping has been wonderful with the cooler temps.
We stayed inside and only had two slides out because it blew so hard I thought it would blow the toppers off. Today it was a lot better and we took a ride in the Sanoran Desert, up in the Saguaro National Park to see how the desert is waking up after a long winter. DH is now of the age to get a Lifetime National Park Pass for $10, so we stopped in the Visitors Center where he signed up and we spent a few minutes watching a story about the desert orated by some Native American people, explaining what the desert means to their people.
Most of the flowers and Cacti are just beginning to bloom here and I think it will be next week before everything will be in complete full bloom, but we got some pretty good pictures today anyway. It was a very cool day for a ride so we continued on down to Green Valley South of Tucson to check out a couple of Golf Courses and then returned to Lazy Days Campground.

We took hamburgers up to the pool and used their gas grill to grill our supper.

Hope you enjoy the Cacti and Flora from today.

Tomorrow will be another ride to the East and North to see some other desert territory that we haven't visited before.

Friday, April 5, 2013

The End of the Season at the Palms

Well, let me see if I can remember how to do this! Oh yeah, I think it's like a bike and most of the time they can't shut me up, so I'll apologize in advance for the ramblings of a crazy lady!

Once more, I'm cleaning, organizing and packing up the coach. I turned my mail box key in today, and very proudly too, since I thought I had lost it and would be a $25 charge. The winter has drawn to a close here in Yuma and  all of our friends on Antigua Street, and just about every where else here in the Palms RV Resort has headed for home. Basically all of the friends from Canada have started the trek to the north to cross the border by their 183 day deadline. Us the are staying here in the south have not quite been convinced to make the trek into the unstable weather that plagues the middle of the country. We have had a great time with our group.
Now the weather is fantastic. Warm and sunny and not too windy. Great Pool weather.

As the rigs have pulled out and the group gets smaller, we have shared lots of hugs and smiles and yes, tears eyes have done their share of leaking. The darn sun is just too bright in the mornings! haha.... We have turned new friends into old friends and I have no doubt in my mind that we will meet up again.

Today we had the coach and car washed and waxed. It's so nice to have all the desert dust and dirt washed away. They are calling for plenty of wind next week so I imagine my clean will only last until then. But for a few days, it'll sparkle! Thanks Dave's!
 I've been scrubbing on the inside and getting things packed for summer travel. DH has been stowing the outside things underneath and we will be ready to pull out on Sunday the 7th.

Everything has it's place when you live in a small space like we do. Not room for clutter or hoarding of anything...however I have a case of coffee creamer and DH has our fridge full of bargain Easter Chocolate and Liquor Flavor Chocolates. Not much room for food....we have been on a Taco Stand mission, trying several local taco stands and restaurants in town. Then we also have to visit our favorite burger places and fish locations.

No matter if it is a simple taco stand in a parking lot, or a fancy sit down steak house, we always enjoy the fare and the company is excellent.
KayCee knows something is up. She can always sense when we get ready to move and then when we are ready to pull out she really gets nervous and excited. Everyone has told me that I better get ready to climb in her kennel, as she has taken over my chair. We'll just see when it comes time to turn this chair around and point the nose east! She usually wants her kennel then. In the meantime, I have to cover my seat!
Tomorrow will be the last day that we will take time and lounge by the pool. I will truly miss that. Now the focus will be to add a bunch more states to our list, traveling to the U.P in Michigan and beyond, have a visit at the Thor Factory for some fixes to the coach and maybe see some eastern fall colors. We are much more settled and satisfied with our home on wheels, it's just time for maintenance and care. Much easier done at the factory service center than at dealerships that are focused on their own customers.

I hope you all will bear with me. We have basically been hanging out here playing and shopping and that makes for a boring story. Hopefully in the coming summer months I will be able to provide some better pictures and stories!  Blast off is in about 34 hours!
Next Stop..... Tucson and blooming desert!!! :}