Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Just More Fun

Our skies continue to be alive with Marine Corp Air Craft.
Weather has been cool. We took a ride into California yesterday.
I'm looking for a California pin for my collection and once again bombed out.
We had lunch and stopped at a local museum just off the Interstate on the way back.

Have spent quite a bit of time with the friends on our street. There's been lots of shows and entertainment here every day and most nights.

We spotted this balloon going up on the way back home yesterday.
Today DH is golfing with 3 guys and I am going to the Date farm with 3 girls. When we get back we get to attend the 7 pm Oak Ridge Boys Show here at our Community Room.
They arrived early this morning and the place has been a bustling ever since. Not much news. We looked around outside the Museum of History in Granite, but it was late in the afternoon, so didn't stay and tour. We will do that another day.
The day is warming up, there's no wind and it should be a good day at the date farm!

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